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Body shaper popularity is continued to increase as it has become every woman must own. Various wholesale shapewear available today in the market helps smoothen and define the feminine body. Finding the right shapewear that suits your needs can be a bit challenging. But, this article outlines different kinds of shapewear every woman should know and have any time to select. Please go through this article to discover the different types of shapes worn and their uses.

1. Corsets 

Since the beginning, they were used as body shaping wears. The corsets make your waist appear smaller and lift your busts. They have clips that hold the corset, and you can wear them under a dress or skirt. Some corsets are detachable. It is easy to put on, and you also wear your bra. You can also find seamless corsets, whether retail or wholesale.

2. Camisoles 

Camisoles are great if you don’t want to wear control pants, but you want to streamline your bust from the shoulders to the hips. They help to reduce flab and raise your boobs. As compared with full-body suits, they are much more comfortable. They’re suitable to be worn with skirts or trousers.

3. Singlets 

With singlets, you can still wear a bra under them. The bra helps to minimize the cleavage. Pick a lace one for a sexy look.

4. Control Pants and Wholesale waist trainers

Control pants and wholesale waist trainers are suitable for ladies who want to cinch in their tummies. They help to eliminate the panty lines. There are also control pants with a high waist, such as the control briefs that seamline your lower abdomen area, making it appear flat. They lift your bum, giving them a good shape.


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5. Arm Shaper

Do you have flabby arms? Arm shapers will come in handy for you by giving your arms a smooth look. They help to place your shoulders into the proper position. Arm shapers provide light control, and you can wear a bra.

6. Tights

Controlling tights are like one in all collections, for they help to tuck in your bum, tummy and thighs. They also help to smoothen out panty lines. They’re the best option to wear with a dress or a skirt.

7. Half Slips

They’re also referred to as control slips. The half slips give shapes to your waist, thighs and tummy. They’re comfortable, and you can wear them underneath your skirt or dress.

8. Dress Slips

Dress slips are great body shapers. You can wear them under your dress. They offer full coverage of support from your bust to the hips. With a dress slip, you don’t need to wear a bra since they support well your bust. 

9. Bust Shape Wear

It helps to enhance and shape your bust. Also, it lifts your breasts and provides a firm look. A bust shaper is much better than wearing a bra.


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10. Thigh Shape Wear

There are different lengths of thigh shapers, which you can select depending on the size you desire. They help to streamline your waistline, tummy, bottom and hips.

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