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As an aware and informed consumer we understand what beauty means to you. We all want to look at our best and steal the show. In achieving this we try beauty treatments and pamper yourself with ample massages and skin treatments. To help us in grabbing a stunning look, these treatments play a crucial role provided you get them done regularly. Visiting beauty parlor may not be possible for you every forth nightly or weekly. But what if beauty parlor visits your home whenever you wish? Interesting, right?

To help you catch your regular beauty routine, beauty services at home in Bangalore are available just at the click of the mouse. Housejoy.com is what you need to access for all your good looks requirement. Choose from various services and book an appointment with the beautician on the day you  expect at home. We understand and appreciate your  busy working schedule. At the time selected by you, a trained beauty expert  visited you at home and will give all the treatments you have asked for.

You can choose from several combo plans at the best price. With the sun making us sizzle, getting any beauty treatment is not an easy task. Your sweating won’t let you get the best out of these  actions. But when you get these services at home, you can get your massage service at home in Bangalore in your comfortable and air conditioned room. The AC of the room won’t let you sweat and thus you get full advantage of the massage.
Summers also gives rise to many hair problems like dandruff, itchy scalp or small boils due to pollution and sweating. These problems can be treated with hair spa and hair spa at home in Bangalore is what you should look forward to this summer. The oils and components that are used for various beauty treatments are from a branded company like Shenaz, L’oreal, and Lotus,
etc. special packages are also available to meet your beauty requirements these summers.
Due to excessive sweating, it’s become difficult to go for waxing. As the moisture on the skin do not let the wax stick to the surface.
This further hinders the process of waxing and aggregating more problems. With waxing at home in Bangalore you get clean and waxed legs and arms. This is one of the most apt ways of getting treatments at home, especially when you are suffering from the problem of excessive sweating because of summers.
In an effort to provide you with more benefits, House joy has started “refer and earn” program. According to this plan you get 100 Rs in your housejoy wallet when you recommend the services to your far near relatives. Spread word of mouth and get more cash. Plus, use this money for availing services of house joy.

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