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A shapewear is like a magic that can iron out all the creases and lumps on your body. If you opt for a shapewear then your whole outlook can transform for better as if you have used photoshop for your three dimensional body. Almost every celebrity is using a shapewear for their red carpet appearances where they are flaunting their curves by wearing a shapewear underneath their dresses and outfits.


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That’s why a wholesale shapewear is getting a lot of attention these days and today we are going to share five tips to choose the right kind of shape wear for you. 

Here we go:

Stick to your size-

It’s a general tendency of almost every one to try a size down so that their body looks extra firm. But that only causes discomfort and bulging around your body. Thus, it’s a good idea to always stick to your size. To see what is your size, just wear a shape wear and sit down, walk around to make sure that you are comfortable in that shape wear.

Go for a high waist shape wear

Go for a high waist shapewear so that it smoothes the lines through the torso. Going for a high waist shape wear looks very attractive and is very comfortable on your body. It guarantees a smooth line on your torso.


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Go for a full body suit to cover your full body

A full body shaper make sure that your overall body looks in shape. Going for an all over coverage is big plus for every woman who want to minimise that heavy chest.

Go for a waist trainer

Waist trainer is always a very good option when you want to shape your waist area. Generally the waist area is one of the most annoying and bulging parts of your body. By going for a waist trainer wholesale you can transform that annoying waist part of your body into an attractive one.


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Go for a cotton shapewear

Going for a cotton shape wear comes in handy especially in summers. During summers your whole body is heated up and anything which is synthetic doesn’t help your skin when it comes to summers. Going for a cotton shapewear keeps the heat under control during summers. 

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