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Awareness about health and fitness is always on the increase. People are getting keener on what they eat and how well they workout to keep fit. It is perhaps an effect of our improved lives and a more sophisticated lifestyle with people consuming highly refined foods, using vehicles over walking to get from one point to another, and indulging in things such as drinking, sometimes more often than they should.
Most Popular Fitness Club Activities


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To keep fit, regular working out is crucial. Becoming a member of a fitness club or gym could go a long way to helping you keep healthy and fit. So, what are the most popular fitness club activities? Read on below to learn about some of the most popular activities:
Body weight-training

There are a number of weight-training activities that are done at health clubs. The popularity of these activities emanates from their efficiency in keeping one fit. The activities can be done following the guidance of a trainer or can be done without a trainer’s instructions. Some typical body weight moves include push-ups and pull-ups. Other activities are squats, lunges, and planks, among others.
High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
High- intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are well-known because of their potential to burn calories fast and in a minimum amount of time. They are also liked for being all-encompassing and for involving so many body parts. The basic structure of HIIT is always the same – you carry out an exercise as fast as you can and as hard as you can for a short duration of time. Then, you take a short active rest before repeating the cycle again. With HIIT, the body works harder compared to how it does in steady-state cardio. HIIT can be used to shed fat as much and as fast as possible. It also helps you stay lean while building muscle, and enhances your aerobic and anaerobic endurance to develop focus on your performance. Some examples of HIIT are treadmill, Stairmaster or cycle sprints, as well as using the jumping rope.
Flexibility exercises
These exercises elongate your muscles and help your body stay agile. Flexibility is very crucial as it ensures that the body has freedom of movement. It will also help the body carry out other exercises and have ease with the day-to-day activities. The basic flexibility exercises include –calf-stretch and various yoga poses.
Group exercise classes
A good number of fitness clubs offer group exercise classes that are facilitated by qualified fitness trainers. The range of group exercise classes is wide, but some common ones include classes which offer aerobics, martial arts, yoga, and muscle-training. Some fitness clubs also offer self-defense classes like the Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  The trainers are keen on the attendants’ safety and are usually specially trained.

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