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The Connection of Smoking With Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Stop smoking. It is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It is also one of the causes of fires
because some people forget to kill the burning end of their cigarettes when throwing them away. Smoking is one of the most self-destructive habits a lot of people around the world love to do, but this habit does not harm the smokers only. Smoking is also deadly to bystanders, causing physical health problems, mental health problems, and death. They harm even the smallest and most innocent among us: infants. Tobacco is connected to the newly discovered sudden infant death syndrome.

What is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden infant death syndrome is when an infant dies for no obvious reason. They just die. It can take place
between when they are a month old and when they are a year old. There are many other factors to sudden infant death syndrome taking place, but scientists have proved that there is a connection between tobacco smoke and sudden infant death syndrome. Women who smoke during their pregnancy are at risk of giving birth to infants who will die from sudden infant death syndrome, while women who don’t smoke during their pregnancy are less at risk.


What Causes It

Even women who had been smoking
before their pregnancy are at risk of giving birth to infants who will die from
sudden infant death syndrome. Women who smoke right after giving birth also put
their infants at risk of dying from the syndrome. Scientists say there is a
possibility it’s not just the mothers who shouldn’t be smoking, but also their
husbands. Infants with smokers as fathers are also at a risk of dying from
sudden infant death syndrome. Any smoker who gets near the infant can put the
infant at risk. This is probably because inhaling secondhand smoke is like
smoking itself. The secondhand smoke affects the mother and her child.

Quit Through E-cigarettes

Women must quit smoking way before they get pregnant. The quickest way to quit smoking is by switching to
e-cigarettes. There has been no proof of e-cigarettes being harmful to pregnant women and their infants. E-cigarettes do not have all the chemicals of tobacco. Just make sure to keep your e-cigarettes and tobacco vape juice out of the reach of your children once they grow up because e-cigarettes can overheat and explode when handled improperly. The nicotine in
vape juice is also not supposed to be touched with the bare hands of humans.

Quit With a Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet is not one of the top ways to quit smoking, but it’s still one of the ways to quit smoking. Also, in this situation, it is one of the most helpful things to do. Not only will a healthy diet help you quit smoking, if you are a woman, it will also help make your future infant healthy and safe from sudden infant death syndrome. Green, leafy vegetables are the most reliable sources of nutrition. Fresh fish is also extremely nutritious, especially tuna fish. Just don’t overeat tuna fish, because excessive intake of omega-3 fatty acids can give you a stomach ache.

Quit and Save

A baby is a great motivation to quit smoking. You have to ensure they become the best babies they can be. How
about saving the money you would have spent on tobacco? Ever since the world started to discover the extremely harmful effects of tobacco, tobacco companies were made to raise the price of tobacco. Tobacco is expensive these days. If
you don’t spend money on tobacco and saved it instead, your savings would be quite huge. How about spending the money you saved on your infant’s toys once your infant is born? You’re doing this for the infant anyway.


Quitting smoking is the best way to make the world smoke-free. It will improve your life and the lives around
you. Hopefully, smokers don’t have to get children to get serious about quitting the use of tobacco. Still, it is helpful to quit smoking before the birth of a child. It ensures the child is free from the future problems that early exposure to tobacco smoke brings. 

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