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When one talks about footwear, something that’s unanimously agreed upon by all past and present fashion experts is that they can easily make or break any look. And keeping that in mind, the footwear industry is never void of new fashion trends every day, making fashion lovers hurry to keep up. With the unique fashion trends of this generation, the quirkier the footwear, the better, and nothing ticks off all the boxes entirely as women boots do. Other classic types of footwear like heels, sandals, etc., sure do have a sophisticated edge to them, but once you buy women boots online, you add a unique element to your collection that no woman can go without.

Women boots are a type of footwear that are characterised by the full coverage that they have. The fabric covers the toes, ankle with often varying lengths in terms of height. If you don’t own a good pair already, you can buy women boots online of many different types from sites like Mochi Shoes. So, when buying women boots, here are the 6 main types you should look for:

  1. Combat Boots: Combat boots are a type of military boots typically made of leather and adorned with various zippers, buckles and other metallic embellishments at the side boot. They have heavy lace closure and a thick sole that is suitable for rough environments and provide a stable grip throughout the year.
  1. Chelsea Boots: Style-wise, Chelsea boots are easily one of the most fashionable types. They have a minimalistic look and an elastic side panel to an otherwise close-fitting boot shape. The ankle-length boot goes well with everything and has a clean look due to its easy slip-on wearing technique and lack of visual closure styles.
  1. Ankle Boots: These are all ankle-length and because they are a classic, getting a pair of these is necessary. Find these on Mochi Shoes in different fabrics like leather, faux leather, velvet, synthetic, etc., in wedge heel styles and textured patterns. You can also go for solid ones as per your tastes.
  1. Over the Knee Boots: Over the knee boots are long and extend to rest just slightly above your knees. These are very comfortable, and you can also look for ones with stiletto heels for the additional stylish effect. Ideal with short dresses, you can also wear them with full-length pants, especially in cold weather.
  1. Bilocate Boots: These are another type of boots similar to military boots but with lesser metallic adornments. In bilocate boots, two overlapping pieces of fabric come to rest at the side boot with a fixed buckle over it.

Adding these women boots to your collection is the perfect way to upgrade it. With these boots, you can easily add a whole lot of elegance to every outfit, so don’t miss out on them. Order your favourites from Mochi Shoes’s wide range of stylish women boots at affordable prices right away!

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