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Weddings are all about the bride and groom. But, there is also that beautiful bridesmaid with the silky tresses, stylish court heels and the groom’s best friend who has that chiseled- to- perfection jawline. And who is that stunner in that strapless dress? You get the idea.  

The wedding maybe all about the bride and the groom, but the spotlight is on everyone who attends the wedding, and especially if you are close to the couple, you better look almost as dapper as the couple of the day. So you
understand now why you need to read this ultimate guide to wedding season! No pressures though!  

Go for a Natural Detox  

If you have multiple weddings to attend, opt for a natural detox at least a week or a fortnight prior to the onset of the wedding season. Sip on vegetable juices and lemon water. Cut out junk foods completely and include lots of whole foods like quinoa, legumes and cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and broccoli. Replace colas and sweetened beverages with green tea. Continue eating healthy fats like cottage cheese and fruits with Greek Yogurt. Going on a detox, and eating sensibly will help you stay fit and energetic throughout the wedding season and make your skin and hair look radiant and glowing.  

Keep Things Simple and Close to Your Own Comfort Zone  

Weddings are not exactly the time to experiment with your looks. Whether it is the electric blue shade you want to color your hair, or the eyebrow piercing you have wanted forever, get it done, once you are done with the wedding season. This rule applies to your skin and hair regimes as well. Refrain from using any new products on your skin and hair a week before the wedding. You never know the reactions it causes. So stick to your tried and tested products when you have to attend a wedding. Make sure the clothes you pick for the wedding too are in your comfort zone, and will help you put your best self out there. So if you are not comfortable with a strapless dresses, don’t opt for it, unless you have had a few trials,and feel absolutely confident wearing it.  Also wear the wedding footwear in which you feel comfortable.

Indulge in a De-stress Regime    

If there is shopping you need to get done before the wedding, make sure you don’t keep it to the last minute. Finish it up a minimum of 15 days before the wedding. That will save you the last minute hysteria, and also prevent the “It
fits terribly’ and ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ syndrome. Less stress equals better prepared for the wedding.   However to look fabulous during the wedding season, indulge in a regular destressing activity like walking in the woods,cycling, or Yoga. Not only will this help you destress and feel relaxed and happy, it will also help you
tone your body and calm your mind.  

Scrub, Shave and Polish Your Skin to Perfection  

Keep your face and body skin dewy fresh by exfoliating and scrubbing your skin once every week. Whether you chose to pick up a herbal scrub from the market, or use a brilliant home made one using sugar and olive oil, make sure to scrub and moisturize your skin. For those difficult to rid undergrowth and shorter than short hair, that keep popping up,keep a good trimmer with yourself that keeps you ready for such emergencies, and keeps the skin soft and smooth.  

Prepare Yourself to Wear the Heels  

If you are not a heels kind of person, and want to wear heels during the wedding ceremonies, you will need to get some practice prior. Try these few stretches before you decide to wear heels. Keep a pair of flats handy, in case you need a change of footwear. And, after the ceremony, pamper your feet by soaking them in some ice water.  

heels for girls

Practice a Few Hairdos  

One of the toughest things to get right on the day of the wedding is the hair. Try out a few hairstyles earlier to know what looks good on you, and how you can achieve that look. Find out if freshly washed hair works better for you, or a day old hair is what you need, to get those perfect waves.  

Be a Stunner on the Wedding Day  

When you manage to get everything right on the wedding day, from your ensemble to your hair, and make-up, it is time to do your victory dance. Before that, read up on these tips to look amazing in the wedding.  

a. Pick a Base That Illuminates Your Face   The right base is one that adds warmth to your face, while not making you look caked with layers of make-up. Do not slather on excessive foundation and make-up. Start with concealer under the eyes. This lends an instant brightening effect. Dab into the dark half moon shape that extends down from the tear duct, a little under the lash line and then some on the eyelid itself. This will be a perfect primer for your shadow. For the rest of your face apply a light tinted moisturizer. Avoid heavy foundation and mousse on the face as these look lathered up and
overdone in pictures. Apply a little bronzer on the apple of the cheeks , bridge of the nose, chin and forehead. This will keep the features sharp and distinct and add warmth to your face, making you look oh-so-pretty.  

b. Play Up the Prettiest Feature   If you are going to a day wedding, opt for a romantic and soft look. Think rosy
pinks, peaches, blush beige. Define your lips with a color that flatters your skin tone. A little pink blush on the cheeks and some mascara can seal your look beautifully. If you plan to go bold, play up your prettiest feature. So if
you have eyes that enchant, or lips that make the perfect pout, make sure you do a smokey eye or bold red lip. Keep the rest of the make-up light, so that you can let your prettiest feature pop out and look gorgeous in the pictures.

To Sum it Up,   Weddings are a great time to go out there, play dress up and look your best. Enjoy, have fun with friends and family. And don’t bother too much about your looks on the day of the ceremony. Walk with confidence and your head high. And remember to not go so overboard that that you upstage the bride. The bride should always be the cynosure of all eyes. Check out https://up2step.com/ for some good quality heels.

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