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Match Your Engagement Ring To Your Wedding Style
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If you and your partner are planning an engagement soon and would like to make it a special occasion in more ways than one, you should consider theming the wedding. One great idea is to custom design the engagement ring to match with the style of the wedding, and by sourcing an expert custom jewellery, anything is possible.

Choosing a Wedding Style

Themed weddings are all the rage at the moment, and whether you fancy a barefoot beach ceremony, or a forest affair, there’s no reason to stick to tradition. Once you have decided on a wedding theme, there are custom jewellers who create engagement rings Brisbane women love, and with your ideas and their expertise, the perfect design awaits. Some people like a futuristic theme, while others are into nature, it really does depend on you and your partner regarding wedding themes.

Online Solutions

The Internet hosts a wealth of information, and if you would like some engagement ring inspiration, simply Google image “unique engagement ring designs” and you would have a few hundred ring images to browse. If you approach a custom jeweller and inform them of your planned theme, they would no doubt be able to come up with more than a few design ideas.

Coloured Diamonds

You could bring specific colours into the theme, and by selecting coloured stones for the engagement ring, you are keeping things on the same page, so to speak. If you are into the Gothic style, for example, why not have the ring made with stunning black diamonds? There are so many options, and by discussing your needs with a specialist custom jeweller, you can create a stunning ring design that is in keeping with the wedding theme.

Exotic Destination Wedding

If you are planning to get married in the Caribbean or some other equally exotic location – perhaps you are in contact with Jumby Bay Island resort reservations to discuss an Antiguan wedding celebration, for instance, you could have the ring designed that will reflect your choice of venue, with perhaps rose gold or platinum as the precious metal of choice.

exotic destination wedding
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Matching the Engagement Ring with the Wedding Ring

This is a very popular way to create a theme, and as both rings will be worn on the same finger, matching is a great idea. Talk to an experienced custom jeweller prior to choosing the engagement ring, and you can commission them to create both rings, something that will really make the occasion very special.


Some people mistakenly think that having jewellery custom made is beyond their budget, when in reality, having a diamond engagement or wedding ring custom made is no more expensive than buying an off-the-shelf ring. Every woman would love to own a diamond ring that is truly a one-off, and there’s no better way to demonstrate your undying love than to have the ring custom made for her alone. Prior to searching online for ready-made diamond rings, talk to an established custom jeweller who can create a unique design that perfectly matches the wedding style you are planning.

Buying an Engagement ring
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If you approach the ring design with an open mind, the custom jeweller can make a few suggestions, and with their help, the perfect ring design can be agreed.

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