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One of the purest forms of love is jewelry. A lot of people fantasize about platinum or diamonds but gold has remained a symbol of love, togetherness, blessings, and purity especially in a culture like India. These symbolizations are not restricted and constrained to romantic or relationships amongst families. It is also very close to the relationship of an individual with God.

Gratitude and god

A lot of South Indian families have had a tradition to donate gold ball chains or biscuits of gold when they visit their religious place after a long time or when they receive what they asked for; be it health, prosperity or even a suitable prospect for the family’s youth. This is not only restricted to South Indians but also across different religions across the country. Some may not afford gold, hence they choose other items that resemble to love, gratitude or adornment.

Some of the items that people donate are:

  1. Sarees

Goddesses are donated with Sarees and dupattas. This has been another tradition in various temples across the country for a very long time. Disciples go to temples and donate a saree when they receive or achieve what they asked and prayed for. They believe that the Goddess will help them if they are ready to give something in return.

  1. Gold and silver

A lot of disciples donate gold ornaments or silver ornaments to the temples. This in turn, also increases the prosperity of the temples. It is believed that a very well-known temple in the state of Maharashtra has the influence over people where a gold chain along with a locket is donated to the temple by every woman once she delivers a baby. Women have tried to conceive with only failures. But this temple has seen very many births and the faith in the temple is stronger than always.

  1. Food items

Families and people anonymously come to temples with sacks of rice, wheat, and pulses and donate it to the temple where poor people come to eat. This tradition has continued lives of too many people since a very long time. One of the very famous temples in the state of Gujarat has witnessed this tradition for over 90 years today.

  1. Sweets and other products

Another common item that a lot of people regularly donate is sweets. Some of them donate kilograms of it while some might keep a piece every day. Another substitute for it is pieces of sugar. Along with these, fruits and coconuts are also commonly used in the process of worship and expression of gratitude.

  1. Toys and cradles

Some of the women who continue to try to conceive with no apparent success pray and ask for a child. A well-known Dargah at a mountain in Gujarat has witnessed many such requests. Upon the delivery of the baby, parents along with their newborn visit the mountain and donate a tiny cradle made of wood or toys made out of wood as a symbol of their gratitude towards lord.

Many such beliefs and practices prevail across the country. The faith in Lord and the faith in prayers are strong.

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