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1.      Pooja Banerjee  – Wedding Earring

One of the grandest weddings of 2017 was that of Pooja Banerjee, an actress of Naagarjuna fame, with national level swimmer Sandeep Sejwal.
In the lavish event spanning days what stole the attention was Pooja’s earrings. The dangling earrings made out of gold were
exquisitely designed to match with her wedding attire.
What makes this piece of Jewelry stand out from the others is the fact that although it is traditional in design, it is very lightweight and complements the style of the modern Indian women.
We love this particular design because of the fact that although it has a grand bridal appeal, yet in a way it is simple and classy.
Pooja Banerjee - Wedding Earring

2.       Navina Bole – Mangtika
 Another wedding that had the full attention of the media was that of Ishqbaaz fame actress Navina Bole with Karann Jeet.
In this destination wedding what stole the show was her mangtika. Made in a traditional round shape, the beautiful gold mangtika had intricate designs that made her look like a princess on her big day. The red ruby that dangled from the mangtika gave it a chic and casual appeal.
It was well matched with her red bridal lehenga and the mangtika gracefully brought the focus to her recently sindoor-adorned parting, making her look all the way more beautiful.
Navina Bole - Mangtika


3.       Rashmi Singh (of Saath Nibhanaa Saathiya fame) – Heavy Kundan Necklace
When wedding bells started ringing for Ajay Drivastav and Rashmi Singh (of Saath Nibhanaa Saathiya fame) everyone was excited about how the destination wedding would turn out to be.
The limelight of the wedding, which took place in Nainital, was the heavy kundan necklace that Rashmi wore for her pheras. In that richly adorned neck piece, Rashmi looked every bit of a princess.
While the beauty of the necklace is something that can be believed only upon seeing the same, the fact remains that this television carried this aesthetic piece of jewelry with a lot of ease making her look all the way more beautiful.
Rashmi Singh (of Saath Nibhanaa Saathiya fame) – Heavy Kundan Necklace

4.       Panchi Bora (Jhanvi of daily soap Gangaa fame)  – Wedding Choker
There is nothing that is as beautiful as the chokers that Assamese brides traditionally wear for their wedding. This fact was reiterated by television actress Panchi Bora (Jhanvi of daily soap Gangaa fame) when she tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Jay deep earlier this year.
The gorgeous piece of Jewellery which perfectly complemented her cheekbone was made of gold and was studded with rubies and diamonds.
The traditional nature of the jewellery is what appealed to all the guests as they went crazy over this piece of jewellery.
Panchi Bora (Jhanvi of daily soap Gangaa fame) - Wedding Choker
5.       Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s  – Simple Pearl Necklace
 To all those who are of the opinion that wedding jewellery has to be elaborate and grand with heavy work, Southern actress
Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s wedding  provided the much needed awakening .
The simple pearl neckpiece that she wore as she walked down the aisle a showed that true beauty lies in simplicity.
 What we liked the most about this necklace is the fact that it gave out an air of comfort and made us feel that the bride was
being herself at the wedding, something that is rare in the traditional Indian context.
Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s - Simple Pearl Necklace

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