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Each season has its set of distinctive, favorite, and popular scents. For instance, nothing says “fall” like the smell
of apples and pumpkin spice. The same is true for perfumes. Each season can bring about exciting new options, and maybe even a few old favorites. Of course, anyone who wears perfume also knows that it impossible to have the best perfume because, just like with accessories, you can’t have just one. Here are the top perfumes for fall 2017:
The Must Have Perfume Of The Season
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Sugar Lips: This delicious, sugary scent
has all of the sweetness of fall with a hint of mischief, marshmallow and
blueberry. The scent is inspired by Sweet Like Candy from Ariana Grande’s line.
Fans of this scent can now buy the
wholesale perfume at a great price and keep their supply
throughout the year.
Maritime Passage: Inspired by
Nautica Voyage by Nautica for Men, this
wholesale fragrance is refreshing without being overbearing. This
is perfect for men who prefer a subtle, fresh scent.  
French Kiss: For a scent that is a tad more
seductive, consider French Kiss. The fragrance is inspired by Paris by
Victoria’s Secret for Women and, while it is available for a great price, it is
not for the faint of heart.
Betray: If you are a man who loves Calvin Klein you are definitely in luck
with this scent. Inspired by Reveal by Calvin Klein, this scent can give you a
small reminder of summer year round, and make others think that you may have
just traveled to some exotic location.  


While finding your ideal fragrance can take a
bit of time, you should never be afraid to explore a new scent. Some will work
better than others depending on our unique personality, taste, and body
chemistry, but each time you try, you’ll definitely have learned something
about yourself. 

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