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When a girl has no sex experience, the process unfamiliar to her seems
to be mysterious and scary. Such a woman-to-be usually has a lot of questions.
Although grown-up women cannot go back and change everything in their past
sex-experience, but they can become a good advisors for their own children,
prepare them for such a remarkable moment and recall your teenage history that
always rises a smile on your face. This way, these facts are of your interest
as well. To say nothing about your unexperienced friend or niece who will also
need a piece of advice from you.
These facts will make every girl prepared mentally and physically to the
first intimacy and consequently make your first night unforgettable. So, keep
reading and find out something new and useful for you.
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1. Feel yourself up your valley
You are completely ready, when you can put off your clothes in front of
him in the daylight and feel at ease. If there is still some shade of shyness
between both of you, awkward, painful and want-to-forget will be the words to
describe your first experience.
2. Give and take
Remember that you both have to enjoy the process. That is why, it is
necessary to think about your partner. Each of you deserves satisfaction. Do
not be as cold as the Snow Queen waiting for your man to please you.
3. There is nothing shameful or weird about an orgasm
If you feel the need to scream or moan loudly to get the full
satisfaction, do not restrain yourself. (Only if his relatives or friends do
not crowd the next room)
4. You need not sex just to be cool
It is impossible to imagine how many girls lost their virginity with
wrong guys and in wrong time. Just for the friends to be jealous or finally
become an adult. Those are the silly girls’ excuses. If you cannot find at
least one objective reason to start living a sex life, better do not.


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5. Painful
Discomfort may be felt during first sex. Try
not to tense the intimate muscle. Otherwise, you will feel more pain and your
man inconvenience.
6. …or unpainful
Some girls are just lucky and virginal membrane is torn very easily,
without pain. If a guy is clever enough, he will be be gentle and careful of your pain.
7. A suitable moment
Sometimes you are almost ready to give yourself up, but bang! – a period
or a flu. No reasons to worry, especially if your man humiliates or argues you
for that. Be happy that there was nothing between you two yet. Have sex later,
but with the one who will respect and satisfy.
8. Sex may ruin your relationships.
If you are still the fan of “Friends with Benefits” starring Justine
Timberlake, forget about it in your real life and do not sleep with a friend,
unless you can imagine him to be your husband.
Talking about your date, you are never secured from a womanizer. The relationships
with such type of men will finish the moment he will see you naked. Be sure
about your man or at least be ready for such a turn.
9. You may change your opinion about your partner
A little amount of women knows that their feelings may disappear as well
as the men’s after the intimacy. On the other hand, maybe it was just a desire
to have sex with him. Do not worry. You have a full right to act like the men
from the previous point. Finish it now. Tomorrow will be too late.
10. The first sex will not change your personality
The virginity is not a kind of a sign of whether a woman is a good or a
bad person. A man can be flattered that you waited for him for 20 years, but
making religion of it is not trendy anymore. What is more you will hardly feel
like an adult. A single process cannot in a blink of an eye turn you into a
11. Sex is dirty
And I am not talking about the language, but the physiological process
itself. It can be rather disgusting for girls. You do not know how to take off
a condom in a right way and how to get rid of a bloodstain on a sheet. Do not
worry. I am sure you both will find a way!


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