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Hi guys! How are you all?

Well! Personally I am not a great fan of applying too much makeup so generally I love keeping makeup to the minimal. Earlier I wasn’t much fond of eye makeup but these days I feel quite fascinated with eye shadows. Actually since my childhood, I have been very much attracted towards colors and I find them very fascinating. May be that’s the reason I am falling for eye shadows.

eye shadow

Talking quickly about my love for art and paintings I started my fine art blog named “Fine Art and You” in 2013 where I share the art works of different artists, photographers etc. for inspiration. This gives me immense pleasure and happiness. You can also check out our (me and sister’s)other beauty and fashion blog.

eye shadow

So coming back to the “Eye Shadow love” I guess that’s why the colors which are applied in an eye shadow attracts me so much.  I believe applying makeup especially an eye shadow is truly an art, isn’t it?

I further believe your makeup especially your eye makeup can totally change your overall look. You can give more drama to your eyes with the help of an eye shadow and you can also use it to change the shape of your eyes.

Eye shadow
Eye shadow

Now days I am applying my hands on different eye shadows and learning how to apply a perfect eye shadow to make the eyes look much prettier. This one was my first and genuine attempt to create something with different eye shadow shades. I guess somehow it turned out to be fine 🙂

In this look, I have applied and blended the different shades of eye shadows by Sugar Cosmetics and used a pink lip shade by NYX Cosmetics.

Eye shadow

Do let me know if you like my eye shadow and makeup 🙂 I can’t wait to hear from you guys.

Also, before you leave, do check out our new Youtube channel.

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