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The Ultimate Guide to Coordinating Accessories and Clothes

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Whether you are buying luxury jewellery with precious stones or everyday high-street accessories, you want to make sure they match with the clothes you’re wearing. This guide packs in tons of top tips about coordinating to the max so you can look stunning with your new buys.

This article seeks to resolve your question and doubts by listing some great ways to effortlessly match your wardrobe with your jewellery.

Ways To Coordinate Jewellery With Your Outfit

  1. Choose Jewellery For The Occasion First

Once you know the theme and dress code of where you are going, you can start planning accordingly. An ornate necklace or a charm bracelet that jingles and dangles might not work in the office environment. However, take them to a smart-casual or formal event and they work wonders. If you’re going on a night out with your ladies and the next day to a christening event, you would think these would warrant two different styles of jewellery and clothes. Remember to match the jewellery with the occasion first and foremost.

If you have been planning to buy a diamond ring for your loved one and plan to get engaged, the Certified Diamond Network offers diamond wedding rings. Once a diamond ring is in the picture, you want to ensure your wardrobe is at its peak so you can coordinate a number of items with your stunning new stone. Thankfully with diamonds, they pretty much go with anything. With other items however, it can be trickier to find things that match.

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  • Complement The Jewellery With The Clothing

If your clothes are full of patterns, shapes and colours, simplify your jewellery. However, if you are wearing block colours then you can go with something more statement and eye-catching. The key is in providing contrast and balance when it comes to coordinating your outfit with your jewellery. So for busy prints, consider solid bracelets and a nice pair of earrings instead of anything too dramatic.

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  • Statement Earrings For The Face

Having a stunning pair of statement earrings can really highlight your face and they can be the icing on the cake for your outfit. It can bring out your eyes, help your face stand out and complement your neckline when chosen well.

  • Think Skin Tones And Balance

Remember to ensure your jewellery choices complement your skin tone when buying. This is something subtle but it can make a big difference to your overall look. Also, think about the colour palettes in terms of balancing out warmer jewellery shades with cooler coloured clothes. This means that if you have a fiery ruby ring or necklace, then think about pairing them with contrasting shades so the look isn’t too overpowering.

Now you know the fundamental tips and tricks to coordinating your outfits with your jewellery, you’ll have an easier time achieving effortless balance in your look.

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