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Have you ever thought about the fashion rules for wearing stylish jewelry? We’ve assembled a list of fashion tips and tricks to help you look your best every day. Follow these five tips to make your jewelry collection look new without boring.

Consider The Occasion

The first thing you should consider before choosing any jewelry to wear; think about the occasion you’re going. Every event needs a particular dressing and also jewelry. You can decide to wear a different kind of jewelry to various circumstances or have a variety of outfits.

Wearing the right jewelry according to your dress and event can change your style. Moreover, you can select your outfit first and then match the jewelry and accessories to see if they compliment you well.

Today’s fashion style rules are more unrestricted as compared to the past. Nowadays, no one will judge you for wearing the type of jewelry you like as long as you’ve worn it with elegance. You can decide to wear minimal jewelry for your office look, whereas when going to a party, you can wear your favorite Cuban chain jewelry that makes a statement. 

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Complement Your Skin Tone

You should know your skin type; it’s essential. It will significantly aid when you select the jewelry that best suits your skin tone. You can decide to do some window shopping to find what best suit your skin type. The best place to start is at Helloice; they have a wide range of jewelry. 

  • Yellow metals are ideal for warm skin tones people
  • Silver metals go well for cool skin tone people
  • Silver/Yellow metals look best for neutral skin tone people

Mix Your Metals

Gone are the days of wearing one type of metal jewelry. To be fashionable in today’s world, go for mixed metal jewelry. It’s not just a fashion faux pas but a fashion statement. Don’t shy away from wearing gold earrings and your silver ring. In addition, adding a custom necklace nz or bracelet will rock your look. A precaution to keep in mind if you’re wearing mixed metal is to keep your style cohesive.

Consider Your Earrings

The first thing people see or spot when talking to you is the kind of earrings you are wearing; they’re vital. The outfit or the accessories you’re going to wear will help you decide the type of earrings you’re to wear. For example, if you are that person who loves iced-out watches for a hip-hop look, you might consider hip-hop earrings as well. Select earrings that complement your skin tone and hair perfectly. Also, pick the earrings that outline your face. If you have long hair choose earrings with bright colors for visibility. 

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Change Your Earrings

It can be so easy to wear the same earrings for weeks or even months. Changing your earrings is very important to avoid infections like swelling that occur due to lack of maintenance. To avoid such situations, ensure you clean your jewelry after some time.

Changing your earrings is an excellent way to add interest and style to your appearance daily. When shopping for your earrings, buy hygiene-friendly and infection-free jewelry. In addition to this, take a look at your jewelry collection and put a side the one which you haven’t worn in a long time. You can also decide to buy new earrings to add to your collection.

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