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Make Your House More Beautiful With a Portrait Painting

A house is not only our financial asset, but place where we spend our whole life. We always prioritize every corner of our house because it’s important to us. For best or worse, house represents a lot about us in our life.

Our emotional connection with our home is just same as with our pets. Basically the relationship we have with our home is a close one. ‘In British culture our home is mentioned as heaven. It has uniquely powerful place in our hearts and lives’ says Dr. Duncan Banks.

Have you ever visited an art exhibition? If yes then you would definitely know the importance of a painting, and if no then you should go once.

The art galleries are just so fascinating!

Oil painting of a couple

Every painting has its own story-its own shades and colour and that’s really incredible. It touches your soul and makes you think about the creativity of the artist. The art is just beyond the imagination, This is the reason we relate ourselves to the painting full of thoughts and emotions.

Under a research it is shown that relationships with homes are surprisingly strong than anyone can imagine.

Our home is more than walls and a place to sleep & eat.

For children, a sense of home is placed by closed ones and it creates strong memories and feelings after they have moved away.

It’s a place that provides us peace- a place which we leave each morning and to which to return each evening,

A place where we spend our life should be decorated with some unique things that spread positive vibes.

painting for a wall

Decoration shows that you care for your house. Why not decorate your house with the most unique thing?

Here we have the best option for you to change the personality of your house, by turning your photo into a painting. It is the most classic way to shine your house like the royals. Earlier, the huge empires were also decorated with sculptures and painted portraits. The generation has a large difference between our ancestors and us, But history expresses that form of art can never be changed. It has the same essence of custom portraits which beautifies the nature of a human.

The photo painting is very unique as well as easy to afford, it adds an emotion to the house, And the house full of emotions is defined as home.

You have various options to create a custom portrait painting from photo:

  • Oil portraits
  • Charcoal portraits
  • Pencil sketch portraits
  • Acrylic portraits
  • Watercolour portraits
  • Coloured pencil portraits
family portrait painting from photo

Every shade has its own beauty and uniqueness which would add glory to your home. These are the options to turn your photos into painting and make your home beautiful. These paintings are affordable, special, unique and customized.

Decorating your house is an activity that carries a lot of importance not only for the people living in it but for anyone else who visits your house. A person’s status in life is defined by the way their house looks. A decorated house can be the best way to call your house worth calling home.

So hang your creativity on the wall of your house and make your walls attractive by a piece of art.

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  1. This is a great idea! Family portraits are cool!

  2. the walls of my home are filled with the pictures i have taken and art that evokes somewhere i have been!!

  3. Such a beautiful way to decorate our houses!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. It is much more life to have pictures at home, whether portraits or paintings.
    I loved the post

  5. This is so true!! It really makes your home your own.

    Allie of

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