10 Types of Swimsuits for Different Types of Bodies

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There are various types of swimsuits for different types of bodies and knowing them helps to save you the hassle of trying to figure out the right one for your body from dozens available at shops out there. Well, in this guide we help make your work of choosing the right swimsuit that is perfect for your body type quite simple. Here, below are some 10 types of swimsuits for different body types that you should know:

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  1. Pear-Shaped – if you have a pear-shaped body type, it is best to opt for a swimsuit that draws attention to your upper body. The brightly colored tops that have solid bottoms highlight your bust while also minimising your legs. One-piece suits, skirtinis, or tankini sets with brightly colored tops will be ideal for you.
  2. For those with bigger tummies – if you have a bigger belly better choose a swimsuit that highlights your legs. For this you should opt for one-piece tummy trimming suits that smooth and flattens the stomach thus making you to appear leaner.
  3. For the flatter figure – if you have a flatter figure, just embrace your body type and go for a swimsuit that matches your body shape.
  4. Long Torso – if you are the kind of a lady with a long torso, it is best for you to choose a swimsuit that visually breaks up your body to make you appear as having a shorter torso. Two-piece suits that are two-toned with bright colors help to shorten the length of the torso thus making your waist look smaller.
  5. Short Torso – if you are the kind of lady with a shorter torso it is best if you choose a swimsuit that helps to elongate your body. Here one-piece suits that have asymmetrical designs help to add an illusion of height.
  6. No Curves – if you are that lady without curves it is perfect for you to choose swimsuits that enhance your top and bottom. To help create a larger bust, go for tops with raffles and horizontal lines. Push-up or those padded tops will help to accentuate your chest. Just avoid side bottoms and the sliding triangle tops.
  7. For the plus size – if you are the plus-sized lady, choose swimsuits that help to flatter your full figure. Wear bright colors on the areas you want to highlight and dark colors on those areas you want to minimise. You will however have to avoid solid colored suits and bikinis.
  8. Small bust – the basic rule of the game here is to choose a top that will readily enhance your bust. A push-up or a padded top will greatly help to highlight your curves.
  9. Full bust – if you have a full bust, choosing a moderate coverage top will greatly help to accentuate your bust. Choose thick straps and underwire that will help to provide you comfort and the needed support. V-shaped necklines will also naturally help to flatter your bust.
  10. The High-Waist Halter Neck Swimsuit (for all body types) – this kind of swimsuit is perfect for all body types and therefore a good one for you too!

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