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Best Colleges in DU
Hi all! Hope all of you are doing great! Festive season is just over and finally I have got some time to write a blog post on my fashion blog. Well! For this Diwali, my cousin uncle was at home and we enjoyed a lot. 🙂

I must tell you that for the whole time my aunt, uncle and my parents were talking about best colleges in DU i.e. Delhi University as my uncles elder son is about to take admission in Delhi University and he is still confused that whether he should take admission in an Arts College or a Science College. It sounds weird! Isn’t it? 

Actually being confused on the selection of college is common for many but actually he wants to take admission in an arts course, as he loves arts but he is basically a science student. His parents are pressurizing him to choose a course and college according to them i.e. science but he is willing to be an art student in an art college. I think it’s not a right practice to force your children to take a career option according to your choice. Is it?

I am sharing this topic here today as few years back at my college days I too was forced to take admission in commerce college, however I wanted to choose Fine arts, so it hurts me every time I see parents forcing their children in context of their career choice.
I know there are many colleges in DU from where we can pursue our graduation but each and every person should definitely take in his/her mind about the kind of career he or she wants. They should be clear, focused and particular about the course which they want to pursue. I must say that there are many best colleges available in DU such as Hansraj, Kirorimal, SRCC etc but one should choose college according to his/her career interests and the facility the college is offering.
For instance if we take a case of DU then I am sure that you can find some very famous and well-equipped colleges and facilities in Delhi University. All you need to do is to search the same according to your preferences and you need not to get influenced by others.
There are many fashion courses colleges as well which are providing good variety of fashion stuff which I always wanted to join but unluckily I got hooked up with commerce graduation. Have you faced such a situation with you at anytime during your life?

In short I want to say that listen to your heart, your inclination and interests in case of selecting a college.
So guys do you have some good colleges form DU in your mind? And what are your experiences when you opted for a college during your college days? 🙂

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