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Choosing the perfect engagement ring is a very important step in the beginning of a life together. Have you already encouraged taking the step? Great! You are about to commit to your better half and such an occasion deserves a gem to match. Are you still wondering how to choose the ideal engagement ring? Well, follow these five steps and you will guess for sure.


The first thing to keep in mind when choosing the perfect engagement ring set is to know the material with which you want it to be manufactured. It is a jewel to wear all your life and the material you choose must be of a quality that holds up well over time. For example, you could buy your engagement ring in sterling silver, but it would be much less durable.


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The most used noble metal to make engagement rings is gold, undoubtedly a symbol of elegance and commitment. You can also choose the engagement ring in platinum: unlike white gold its white color is natural so it lasts over time.


If the metal you have chosen is gold, the next step is to choose the color you want the engagement ring to have. It is true that white gold is the king of commitment: it is elegant and classic, but yellow gold and rose gold are very much in the trend both in engagement rings and in alliances. If your partner has a breakthrough style and nothing classic, bet to put a little color to your ring! If your groom likes a wedding band then you can choose stylish mens wedding bands for him.

It is important to think about what material you want and what type of stone is going to be set. Although the solitaire of white gold with a diamond set in the center is a classic, today there are many variations that are also ideal for this special moment and yellow gold and pink are increasingly booming.


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As for the stone, it is true that a diamond is practically irreplaceable, as it is very resistant and looks beautiful on all models. But you can also opt for zirconia’s, which also provide a lot of light, colored zircons that simulate precious stones with color with precious stones like sapphire, ruby or emerald.

If, finally, you decide on the diamond you can also choose the cut you want them to have, the carats or the number of diamonds. Check the diamond guide to find out exactly what kind of diamond you are looking for.


Think about your partner and the type of jewelry and style that you usually wear each day. That may give you some clue as to the type of ring you will want: a solitaire classic, a large diamond that comes out, a half-alliance with several diamonds, a very fine and delicate ring with a small diamond, etc. You can buy classy couple rings to complement each other the d-day.

There are many styles to choose from and surely there is one that fits more than another with the personality of your partner. Think that it is a jewel that you will always wear and in your day to day, so it is better not to get too out of your usual style. Choose between the engagement rings the perfect style for your partner and you will guess for sure.


If you already have more or less cleared how will be the ideal ring to take the big step, the next thing is to buy it. We know that it is not an easy decision for everything that entails, so here you have 10 tips to buy an engagement ring. It sure is perfect!

The weather and the forecast are two key factors to keep in mind if you want the engagement ring to go to give to your future wife is perfect and completely to your liking.

Do not worry because there is a perfect engagement ring for each bride. Do you already know which one you are going to choose? If you already know how to choose the ideal engagement ring, these ideas can also inspire you to get the most unforgettable hand request.

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