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Eyelashes are a very important part of the humans that not only save the eye from dust but also enhance the overall beauty of the face. However, not all people are blessed with long beautiful eyelashes and for them, eyelash extensions act as a savior. If you don’t know what these extensions
are, these are individual lashes made from synthetic, mink or silk that are
attached to your existing natural lashes semi-permanently.


If you’re new to these eyelash extensions and are curious to know more about them worry not, here’s everything you need to know about the eyelash extensions:
They are easy to apply
Unlike other processes, applying these extensions on your eyelashes is a simple and easy process. It doesn’t involve any substance that could cause you pain or discomfort during the application. All you need to do is just visit a salon and relax with your eyes closed. The professionals will attach the extensions in your eyelashes in a short period of time and you won’t even know about it. However, once you open your eyes, you’ll
have those long feathery lashes that you’ve always hoped for.
It can be customised as per your
You can customise the eyelash extensions as per your needs before adding them to your natural eyelashes. Generally, you’ll find the extensions lengths ranging from 9mm to 15mm; choose the size you want to apply on your natural eyelashes. The average length of the extensions that are ideal is between 10mm to 12mm.
Once you select the length of the extensions, you can also select the shape of them. You get various options with different types of curls present in the
extensions. So choose what you think would suit you the most. You can also
choose the material the extensions to be made for. You can choose from Faux
Mink, Real Mink, Faux Fox, Silk, and even real human hair.
They last longer than you think


Generally, people think that once you apply for these eyelash extensions on your natural lashes they only last for a few days and then come off automatically. However, the truth is that with proper care these can last for a month or even more sometimes. Most of the people will require to visit a salon after 3-4 months of applying the extensions but if you are saving up then you can also extend it by some days. All you need to do is be a little careful and not water or any oily substance on them.
You can apply makeup with them
There’s a great misconception among people that you can’t wear makeup when you’ve got these eyelash extensions on. However, the truth is, you can use makeup with these extensions on. Although you need to make sure that the makeup you use doesn’t contain any liquid-based eye product since it can damage the extensions. You also need to be a bit careful while removing the makeup as vigorous rubbing or using water can damage the eyelashes.
They can ruin your natural eyelashes
if not taken proper care of
It’s obvious that if you don’t take proper care of these eyelash extensions then you might end up damaging your natural eyelashes. You must take some things into consideration after applying them, like keeping them away from water, not using oily beauty products on them, and most importantly not pulling them yourself to remove them. All these practices might
damage your natural lashes, which will again create great problems for you.
You can only get them off with professional help or have to wait for
them to fall naturally
It’s recommended that you don’t pull out the extensions yourself as it can damage your natural lashes permanently. This is why you need the help of a
professional to get them off. The other way to get rid of the extensions is to
wait until they naturally fall off your natural lashes. Most of the salon
provide eyelash extension removing service, and it’s suggested that you opt for those. Remember removing or putting on these extensions are totally painless if done by a professional.


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  1. I had thought about getting them but they do make me nervous with loosing lashes. I think it would be hard to keep them away from water if you are showering and washing your face on a daily basis. But they are sooooo pretty and look more natural then false lashes.

    Allie of

  2. These always look good but I’m not sure I’d have the patience to maintain them – or lay there for so long while they are put in, haha!

    Hope your week is going well 🙂

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