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Hey all! Some of us wear colorful contact lenses so that our eye beauty gets enhanced and we look more beautiful and for some contact lenses is a necessity. Though luckily I have a good pair of eyes so I don’t use contact lenses as a necessity or for vision support but I sometimes opt for colorful contact lenses especially at parties, evening outs and other functions to enhance my eye beauty.

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I have black eye but since childhood I have loved green and blue eyes more and since my childhood I wanted my eyes to be of different color such as sea green or blue. At that time I didn’t know that eye color can be changed by applying contact lenses but now as I am a grown up person I know the trick 😉 

I have few pairs of contact lenses of different colors and quite often I use them as well. But trust me when I thought of purchasing my first pair of contact lenses. I had many doubts and questions in my mind such as how to wear and take perfect care of contact lenses as they are quite delicate. 
Moreover, careless wearing of contact lenses can badly affect your eyes as well. So I noted down few of the points that should be borne in mind while using contact lenses.

In case you opt for one time wearable contact lenses then their care would not bother you much but in case you have a pair of reusable contact lenses then their care might worry you but actually in reality it’s not that difficult to take care of your contact lenses. Here are few of the pointers that should be borne in mind while using contact lenses and trust me if you follow these pointers then you need not to worry at all about the pair of your contact lenses. Here we go:
Based upon your individual tear chemistry and schedule of lens wearing you should clean your contact lenses for five seconds with Biotrue Multi-purpose Solution. This will ensure that your contact lenses are free of dust and debris. And off course follow what your eye care professional recommends.
After you have used your contact lenses, then comes the time to disinfect them. How will you do that? Simply:
*Put your contact lenses in clean contact lens case.
*Fill up the contact lens case with fresh solution of Biotrue multi-purpose.
*You would then need to soak your pair of contact lenses for some hours, say 4-5 hours.
Now you can reuse these lenses without any worry.

Make sure that you never reuse the Biotrue Multi-purpose Solution and replace your pair of contact lenses every month.

So guys how do you maintain your contact lenses? 

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