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If you love to ride your quad in the winter, you certainly wouldn’t be alone; after all, a little cold weather is no reason to stop doing what you love. Providing you have the right gear, you can ride your ATV all year round and here is a list of essentials that you need to order to ensure a comfortable winter riding experience.

  • Thick Riding Jacket – Preferably one that is designed for cold weather activities, which will help to retain your body heat and protect you against debris. Of course, sheepskin-lined leather jackets are the ideal winter riding accessory, but failing that, any jacket with good thermal insulation will do.
  • Insulated & Waterproof Boots & Gloves – These are a must, as sub-zero temperatures will quickly freeze your fingers and toes; when you buy a road legal quad at Quadbikes R Us, make sure you order the boots and gloves, which can be shipped as one package.
  • Balaclava – You lose an awful lot of heat through your head and wearing a thermal balaclava under your helmet makes all the difference. While goggles protect your eyes, the balaclava will keep out that freezing wind on your face and once you try this, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.
  • Heated Grips – They can be sourced online and are relatively easy to install, and heated grips make all the difference on a freezing day. The other solution is handlebar mitts or gauntlets as they often are called. One end wraps around the quad handlebars and you slip your gloved hand in the other, which protects your hands against that biting wind.
  • Winch & Tow Strap – Going into snowy forests calls for the right back-up equipment and with a winch onboard, you can find a secure tree and pull yourself out of a sticky situation. Of course, having such gear can also help another rider, who might breakdown and need a tow back to civilisation. The online supplier has the best deals when it comes to ATV accessories. It is so convenient to shop online and most places offer free delivery.
  • Hard Case Storage – You don’t want your packed lunch to become soggy and a hard case will be the ideal place to put it in, along with your wallet and smartphone, while riding. If you buy a case that is compatible with your make and model, fitting is easy and with your own key, you won’t have to worry about theft.
ATV Winter Riding: Essential Accessories To Acquire

Image Source: Pixabay

There’s nothing worse than being cold and wet when out with your ATV, which would spoil the adventure, so do take the necessary steps to ensure that you are warm and cosy. You might also consider taking an LED flashlight, as it gets dark very early in the winter and in the event of an engine breakdown, you will be glad that you packed a flashlight.

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