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We’ve all heard the word ‘bespoke’ and most people associated that with something that is made to measure, such as a bespoke 3-piece suit commissioned by a tailor’s customer, which is cut to perfectly fit the person. Yet when the word ‘bespoke’ is used in conjunction with jewellery like a ring, there are many aspects that will be incorporated into the ring design.

The Band

If we look at a ring, there are several main components, one being the band, the circular piece of metal that the wearer slips into their finger. Popular metals for ring bands include rose, white or yellow gold, while platinum is very popular, as it is extremely hard and does not tarnish. Of course, when shopping for custom rings melbourne, or anywhere, in fact, you will need to know her ring size if it is a diamond engagement ring, which can be obtained using a little help from one of her friends.

The Stones

If you are looking for a stunning bespoke engagement rings in Melbourne, you would be able to select the stones used in the ring design. You could, for example, choose raw stones and commission the cut, or, as most people prefer, acquire pre-cut stones which the jewellery can facilitate. If she has a thing about pink diamonds, this is your chance to create something unique using her favourite stones, and why not combine? A large central clear diamond with a mixture of sapphires and emeralds as a cluster would really look amazing, and as you already know her style in jewellery, you should be able to design a ring that she will fall in love with. Make sure you fully understand the 4Cs, the diamond grading system that is globally recognised, which will help you to choose the right stones.

The Cut

Of course, the cut determines the sparkle factor, as does the setting, and if she prefers Brilliant Round, then why not? There is an article online that has everything you ever need to know about the many diamond cuts, which is essential reading, as it will help you to define her favourite. The custom jeweller can show you many fine images that show various cuts, and this is just one part in the ring design process.

The Setting

This could be anything from a raised Solitaire to Pavè diamonds inset into the band, and your choice of setting effects the sparkle of the stones, something the master jeweller would explain. Once the setting has been added to the creation, the custom jeweller now has all the information he or she needs to start work, and most would either sketch or computer generate the finished ring prior to commencement, which ensure you are on the same page.

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When looking for a custom jeweller, start with a Google search, then browse websites, looking for established names, and if one feels right, make contact and take things from there.

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  1. I’m looking for a diamond jewellery for my wife. Read this post its very informative. Keep it up buddy.I’m not too picky on price but I will want to see about getting a custom ring as I want it to be unique for my wife.

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