Make a Style Statement With Your Handbag

A handbag is the best accessory that can totally transform your looks. If you carry a stylish and trendy handbag then you can totally look awesome and attractive. On the other hand if your handbag is tacky, in bad condition or is of bad quality then this is surely a big turn off.

Let’s check out which kind of handbags are in-trend these days:

Clutch: These kinds of handbags are small in size and ideal for carrying little things such as your wallet, mobile and cards. These look super to carry while at events, parties and weddings.


Wallet: This generally being the smallest handbag serves the basic purpose of carrying your mobile and money. But you need to take this out time to time so it needs to look amazing and pretty. Thus invest in a good wallet. You can buy some quality wallet/handbags from Baginning.


Leather handbag: Leather is the classiest material from which your handbag could be made. There is huge variety of leather handbags to choose from and the leather material is really long lasting.

Clear bags: These clear bags which are also called jelly bags and are quite a sensation these days. They are generally transparent in look and are made with a strong material. Every girl needs to have at least one clear bag in her closet.

clear bags

Backpacks: This is the most basic type of handbag which we all have been using since school days. This bag can carry a lot of stuff and don’t keep your hangs busy as this is hanged on your shoulder.

Cross body bags: These are super chic and stylish handbags. They are worn across the body and give a very cool look.

Bucket bags: Bucket bags resemble the look of a bucket so they are called bucket bags. They have a good storage space and look very stylish.

bucket bags

Satchel bags: These are the best bags for any working lady. These can be used with or without the long strap. These can be used to carry a good amount of stuff.

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