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Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing great. Today I am going to talk about footwear’s. I have always been a great fan of every type of footwear. Be it vintage shoes, heels, flats sandals or flip flops, I love them all. A good and stylish shoes is always makes me feel good and happy. It is rightly said that the first thing people notice about you is your “footwear”. So make sure you wear the right footwear everywhere you go.

Pretty footwear is a style statement. By changing your footwear, you can completely transform your looks. So investing in shoes is really worth. Even if you wear a great dress but your footwear is tacky then you will surely attract negative attention. If your footwear is a good one, comfortable, in good condition and is of good quality then you can even easily pull off a very simple dress with a great style.

Though people choose their footwear according to their personal likings and comfort but today I am sharing two of my favourite type of footwear which you must try. Here we go:

Minimalist Sandals: These sandals are a must have in everyone’s closet. They are classy, simple, chic, pretty and are extremely comfortable. Moreover, when it comes to choosing minimalist sandals then are so many options available. Do check out Shoessee and grab your favourite pair of classy minimalist sandals. These sandals are perfect for everyday use and look very pretty.

Vintage shoes: Vintage shoes are ever green. They are a symbol of class, style and elegance. They go very well with evening gowns, prom dresses, wedding dresses and for partying with friends and loved ones. Every girl need to have a pair of vintage shoes to add that extra oomph to her look.

So friends! Are you a footwear collector and lover? Which footwear is your favourite?

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