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Wearing diamond jewellery requires a special attention to detail. Some people say that diamonds are best saved for the night. But there are several fun ways to break out your favourite piece and light up your afternoon!

Timeless Style With Diamond Studs

Dazzle as you step out in a cute sundress and sassy diamond studs to take on the day. Diamonds are not reserved specifically for exclusive dinners and flashy nights. Sometimes going with a beautifully understated earring and necklace ensemble is the way to let your diamond speak for itself.

Beauty Is A Spectrum

In certain cases, the eye of the beholder determines the quality of an object. When it comes to diamonds, experts are always looking for that rarest of beauties, something so original they are willing to pay a fortune to obtain it. Professionals such as The Diamond Jewellery Studio in Brisbane travel the world in search of the most exquisite, unique specimens this planet has to offer. When wearing such a remarkable piece of jewellery, you will most certainly enjoy choosing your attire to match. Take on the night in runway fashion with your glimmering diamond band. There really is no occasion that doesn’t fit a diamond – so many options for so many spectacular moments!

What To Wear With A Form Fitting Dress

One thing to consider when putting that perfect look together for your night out is how your diamonds will work with your ensemble. If you’re looking to wear that sleek number that hugs your curves, then it’s a perfect night to couple your argyle pink diamond band with free flowing diamond earrings, adding a little extra movement to your look. Complement a plunging neckline with a beautiful white gold, diamond necklace to match your figure. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading off to a formal party or going to the movies, choosing a casual diamond ring can be your best choice. From an elegant white gold band to a simple, yet classy, engagement ring, they are always great for any occasion. If you’re headed out on the town this weekend, consider an elegant oval diamond, especially if your attire is set to match. Perhaps you’re going to a formal party, then pick a ring that has a more classic, refined look and be sure to choose a polished band.

What You Need To Know When Wearing Diamond Jewellery

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Diamonds For An Upscale But Casual Look

Even though diamonds are usually associated with big events such as galas and fundraisers, they can be a perfect fit for any occasion. For a casual look, think pastels, airy and bright – keep makeup minimal and let your beauty speak for itself. This is a great look for an early summer day around downtown shopping.

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