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Hi all fashion lovers! Hope you all are enjoying your day. Yesterday I was getting ready for a party and wanted to make a superb hairstyle. I had all the equipments ready but when I wanted to opt for a straight hair look then I found the volume of my hair to be really thin. Huff! That was really very disappointing. Same was the case when I wanted to go for those curls. 🙁

I could not see that extra volume in those curls or straight hair. Then my elder told me to opt for hair extensions. My first reaction was “ Naah, I don’t want them but my sister assured me of very good results and transformation of my whole look. So I thought why not try out some of the hair extensions.

I made up my mind to go for straight hair extensions and started searching online and found some great transformation stories related to the use of hair extensions. So I immediately ordered straight hair extensions online, but I also needed some good clip hair extensions to tie those hair extensions to my hair so my next search was based on clip in hair extensions.
Then I saw some different inch clips for hair extensions, after some research online I opted to order 28 inch clip in Hair extensions. Though the yesterday party went without the use of hair extensions but I am eagerly waiting for my hair extensions to come at my doorstep and transform my looks.                                       

Many of my friends have also transformed their looks by using hair extensions. According to most of my friends these hair extensions are very easy to clip in, doesn’t irritate your skin, add good volume to your hair, make you look beautiful and transform your looks in total.
So I can’t wait to see my transformational hair extension kit and will soon share my personal experience with. 

Have you guys used hair extensions ever? If yes then how was the experience, I would love to read Your experiences. 🙂

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