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take care of your jewelry

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A beautiful piece of jewellery is certainly something to treasure. But after a while, even the shiniest of pieces can lose their sparkle. The good news is that you can follow a few tips to keep your jewellery looking like new!

Use Special Cloths

You don’t need to run off to a jeweller right away to have your precious pieces cleaned. In fact, you can easily take care of your jewellery at home. There are special cloths available that contain the right chemicals to clean your items. They work well if you quickly want to wipe off dirt and restore sparkle to your pieces.

Toothbrushes And Damp Cloths

You can even use a very soft toothbrush or a damp cloth and a mixture of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. Either submerge the jewel in the mixture or just use the cloth or toothbrush with the mixture to wipe your pieces. Remember to leave them to completely dry off before putting them on or storing them.

Looking After Gemstones

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If you have valuable gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds, you’ll need a little extra care. These gems aren’t as tough as precious metals or diamonds, so wear them with care and never clean them with chemicals. Also, remove your gems when you go for a swim or play sports. Invest in a good storage box, too, to keep your gems from getting scratched or damaged. Don’t forget to remove your jewellery when cleaning, too, and always put your jewellery on after using lotions, makeup and hairspray.

When It’s Time For A Professional Cleaning

Most jewellers use an ultrasound method to clean jewellery. This method is especially great for shaking off dirt in hard to reach spots. After, they place your jewellery in a box of ultra-soft sawdust. But be careful with certain stones. If you find the settings seem to be a little loose, a stone could fall out. It’s important, of course, to tell your jewellery if settings are loose. You should even check the jewellery together so that you’re on the same page before leaving your jewellery to be cleaned.

How To Keep Your Pieces In The Best Condition

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There are a few more things you can do to ensure the longevity of your jewellery – regardless of whether it’s a special diamond or your most prized costume jewellery.

Here are our top tips:

  • Always remove your rings when you’re doing the housework or working in the garden
  • Store your jewellery in a soft, dry place
  • Never wear jewellery when taking part in sport
  • Regularly clean underneath your rings
  • Rhodium plated silver jewellery doesn’t tarnish or become black

One More Important Tip

There’s one more thing you can do to look after your jewellery – take it off when you go to sleep. This will help you avoid losing it, or it getting tarnished from body oils, moisturisers and night time sweat!

With these tips, you can help your jewellery look as good as new and last for a long time to come.

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