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Skincare products have become an essential commodity rather than a luxury since last decade. Many top brands are now focusing more on this segment. And one place where you will find all the good skincare products of top brands is Amazon. On Amazon, you will find skin care products with discounts up to 30%. These products include facewash, body lotion, soaps, and many more. Now you can easily take care of your skin and that too at a discount price. Amazon Coupons can also be used to provide you with a better deal.

Grab Up to 25% Off on Top Brands of Daily Skincare Needs on Amazon

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Best skincare brands on discount are listed below:

Up to 25% off on Lakme

Lakme is known to offer the quality products to its customers. The brand listens to its customers and comes with one of the best products in the market. Under the discount, the products available are facewash, fairness cream, skin lightening cream, moisturizer body lotion, sunscreen lotion, and many more. All these products come with a trust from Lakme and make your skin look good. The whitening day cream makes skin smooth and radiant for both, men and women. It also treats the illness, acne, dark spots, etc. The original value of the cream is Rs.295, but it is available at a very discount price of Rs.236. The body lotion will make your skin glow and gives it a radiant, natural look. Originally the product is priced at Rs.310, but at Amazon, you can buy it at the discounted price of Rs.248. Similarly, you can find other skincare products discounted at 25%.

Up to 35% off on VLCC

VLCC is considered as a pioneer in beauty products in India. It harnesses the best of its materials to give the best products to their customers. The skincare products available for VLCC has the highest discount of up to 35%. The products available include facial kits, anti-tan kits, pedicure kit, manicure kit, etc. The gold facial kit available on Amazon is priced at Rs.125 instead of its Rs.250 MRP. This facial kit has all the necessary anti-aging benefits and improves skin’s metabolism and hydration. This facial kit will help you in removing pigments, age spots, wrinkles, and lines. The gold facial kit will boost the regeneration of collagen and will strengthen the elastin fibers. One of the other product that is also discounted is an anti-tan facial kit. The kit helps you in getting get rid of tan and lightens your skin tone. It reverses the damage that has caused due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This kit includes five sachets. The price has gone down from Rs.250 to Rs.125. Besides these two products, all other products have a minimum discount of 30%.

Up to 25% off on lotus

Lotus brand always comes up with a variety of products to meet the needs of its customers. The products are often effective and beneficial. At Amazon, they are available at a discount of more than 25%. These products include brightening gel cream, deep cleansing cream, anti-acne face wash, and many more. One of the major product that lotus is offering at almost 25% discount is their skin whitening and brightening cream. This cream is SPF-25 and protects you from sun ray and keeps you tan free. The combination used in the product is gel and foam. This combination will make your skin look youthful and bright. The original price of the product is Rs.390, but right now it is available at Rs.292. The anti-acne control face wash is available at a discount of 30%. The original price of the product is Rs.199 while it is available at Rs.139. The product contains cinnamon and tea-tree. It is extremely effective for those who have a deep oily skin. The natural ingredients present in the gel fights against oil, grim, and dirt and thereby reduces acne and controls a pimple.

Up to 20% off on Nivea

Nivea is one of the leading skincare and beauty products brands in India. The company is solely focused on providing economical and beneficial beauty products. Their products are available at Amazon at a heavy discount of 20%. These products include body lotion, moisturizing cream, skin roll on, shower gel, etc. The body lotion is available at a 23% discount. The price of the product is reduced from Rs.340 to Rs.262. The body lotion is made from natural minerals, almond oil, and Hydra IQ formula which reduces the roughness and dryness of your skin. Nivea body lotion keeps your skin moisturized for 24 hours after 1 use. Nivea skin roll on, which gives you a lightening skin and smoother underarms, is available for a discount of 31%. The skin roll on has all the natural ingredients and soothes your skin irritations. It also gives you a fresh feeling and refreshing fragrance.

Like this, there are many beauty and skincare products that are available at a heavy discount on Amazon. All the products are branded and thus promises you a better-looking skin. For more these types of deals head over to Amazon.


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