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Why Salons Need To Jump On The Microblading Bandwagon
While there are some beauty trends that are passing fads like wavy eyebrows and holographic lipstick, there are others that continue to grow in popularity. One of those rare beauty trends is microblading, which can give someone with thin or sparse brows the look of starlets like Cara Delevingne, Lucy Hale and Emilia Clarke. If salons want to make their loyal customers happy and pull in new clients, they should jump on the microblading bandwagon.
There are many ways to professionally groom eyebrows that are too thick or unkempt—salons offer common hair removal and brow shaping options like waxing, threading, sugaring and plucking. It’s more challenging to make brows look bigger and fuller—while it’s possible to fill them in with powders and liners, the makeup needs to be reapplied every single day. Microblading is a wonderful beauty solution that can make a client’s brows look naturally thick and shapely. The technique involves tattooing fine blades into the brow-line to fill in gaps and create a more desirable shape. The ink tattoos are designed to match the client’s brow colour so that the tattooing is imperceptible from a distance. Since the procedure is a form of semi-permanent makeup, the treatment has long-lasting results — microbladed brows can last from one to three years before the ink fades and needs to be redone.
Why Salons Need To Jump On The Microblading Bandwagon


The procedure for microblading is precise and a lot more intensive than waxing and plucking, so any professional that wants to do the treatment should be properly trained. It would be wise to sign up for microblading training courses through LashForever Canada and get officially certified. The company has a strong reputation for instructing professionals in
the beauty industry, so they are ready to help you
take your beautician skills to new levels and learn trending techniques for your client-base. The training is
strongly focused on sterilization and after-care because microblading treatments
can go wrong and result in infection when a technician ignores important safety
practices. This is why the courses are incredibly thorough and involve theory,
hands-on practice and live model demonstrations followed by graded exams.
Other important topics covered in the intensive microblading training courses:
Brow measuring
Skin anatomy
Colour theory
Angle techniques
Patch testing
Allergic reactions
Procedure outline
Safety and sterilization
Client consultation
Why Salons Need To Jump On The Microblading Bandwagon


If you still aren’t sure whether microbladed
brows are a fad that will be forgotten soon, check out the visibly treated
brows of popular makeup artists on social media. Even famous Hollywood
celebrities get microblading done to improve their brows, including the famous musician Lorde and
the actresses Mandy Moore and Bella Thorne. A large number of beauty experts
and enthusiasts have given positive testimonies about their microblading
experiences, praising the convenience and long-lasting results.
The trend of microbladed brows is clearly not going to fade anytime soon, so beauty professionals should jump on the bandwagon. After an intensive training course, you can be certified to microblade and please customers by giving them the beautiful brows they have always wanted.


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