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Well! I love being active on social media so I feel very excited whenever I see any interesting social media website or social media app. That is why Sagoon got my attention. 
Sagoon App Review – Why Should You Install it


For some time, I have been hearing a lot about Sagoon app so I thought why not install it and share my review with all of you. At first, I was not much aware about the working of this Sagoon app so I decided to download it and use it on my own then give you my review of the same. Let’s quickly jump to the review of the Sagoon App.


What is Sagoon?


Tag line of the Sagoon App is “CONNECT, SHARE AND EARN


Sagoon claims to be a Free social commerce app that enables you to connect, share and earn. It claims to be a multi-application platform which is developed and launched in India.


This app offers a quite attractive set of products: MyDay, Story Sharing or secrets and MoodTalk.


Sagoon App Review – Why Should You Install it




Sagoon App Review – Why Should You Install it



Let’s see them one by one:




With “My Day” you can easily arrange all the events and to do list. It also gives an option to create reminders for you and your friends. Interesting! Isn’t it?


Story sharing or Secrets:


With Story Sharing or Secrets you can share updates with your friends and contacts. There are options such as all secrets, business secrets, entertainment, politics, confessions etc. which makes this app quite attractive and very interesting to use.




This chat feature makes it possible to share your feelings and emotions with your contacts and friends. The best thing about this MoodTalk feature is that the chat vanishes automatically after 24 hours and when your mood is changed then you can start afresh.


Sagoon App Review – Why Should You Install it
My experience with Sagoon App:


This Sagoon app is one of the best social media app that I have ever come across. With so many features available in just one app it might feel confusing at a first glance but once you give it a try and look at its interesting and useful features then you will feel that it’s a great social media revolution. You could plan your day without any hassle and this app assists you so well. the best part of this app is its security and because of it you can easily send and receive secured messages and files with your contacts.                    


Sagoon App Review – Why Should You Install it



This app is a great mixture of interesting products I have not found anywhere else. I would say it’s not just an app, it’s a social media revolutionary app. I wish it will soon be available for iOS and windows phone.


Would I recommend this app to all of you?


Most definitely, you must try it and I am sure you will not be disappointed.


My Rating:
4.7/5 (-0.3 as its only available on android)


You can download the Sagoon App here.


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