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India is famous for its traditional wear. There are various cultures, occasions, festivals on which we wear ethnic wear.
Whether it is Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Karwa Chauth or any wedding, dressing up in traditional wear is the favourite mantra. When it comes about ethnic wear lehenga choli is a favourite attire of a women in India. During a wedding the
most important thing for a bride is her lehenga. Her half of the onus of her looks depend on it. There are so many variety of lehenga are there in a fashion world, which you should select according to your body type and the one which suit you.
Even if you are big fan of Bollywood lehengas then online stores could cater well to your variety of needs. The different size solutions will pamper well your shopping needs. 
Circular or Flared Lehenga:


Circular or Flared Lehenga


This lehenga is named as Circular lehenga as it has broad flare and forms a complete circle at the hem. It is one of the oldest style in lehenga but looks beautiful. It has a great volume which starts from pleats at the hem and goes down. If you planning to wear this lehenga choose a fabric which can take a number of pleats and can have a huge border. Too much embroidery work doesn’t look good on this type of lehenga. Try to make it as simple as possible. Prime advantage of shopping from online stores is things are hassle free in terms of billing and superior customer services is guaranteed at every point of time.
Mermaid or Fishtail Lehenga:
Mermaid or Fishtail Lehenga
This lehenga gives a look of a mermaid as it is tight from the hips and waist to the knees and has flare from the calves. This lehenga should be worn by a women who has a perfect body. Try a short halter neck choli on this lehenga. In simple clicks you could check from latest trending shades, colours and designs. You could have your pick right from small motifs to big motifs.
Panalled Lehenga:
Panalled Lehenga
This lehenga has horizontal panels in the form of fabric which are attached to the lehenga. Because of the panels the volume of the flare gets increased. The contrasting fabric is used to make it more colourful. Try this lehenga on any traditional function. This type of lehenga gives a slim look to a body. Wear a long choli on it.

A-line Lehenga
A-line Lehenga
This lehenga has a A-line hem which forms aperfect A. It is tight at the west and throws a flare at the bottom. It has
less pleats. It looks perfect and elegant and also very easy to carry.
ShararaCut Lehenga:
Sharara Cut Lehenga
These design has come with the new categories of lehengas. It is stitched from the middle of the hem and looks like a trouser or a plazo but as a whole looks like a lehenga. This lehengas are worn on long kurtis. Usually, it is worn by Muslim people.
Straight Cut Lehenga:
Straight Cut Lehenga
This lehenga has a straight skirt which along the body curves. It doesn’t flare like other lehengas. It goes well on all body types. This lehenga is very skin hugging type. It flows with the body curves.
Jacket Lehengas:
Jacket Lehengas


It is a new style and one of the top in the list of fashion. This lehengas are flary with long jacket which has embroidery or delicate weaving. Only the hem of the lehenga is visible because of the jacket. It has broad laces or heavy work at the hem.

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