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Even in 2017, it seems as though people are still restricting themselves to outdated notions of what is and what isn’t acceptable to wear. Here are six fashion “rules” that are begging to be broken. 
6 Fashion Rules You Need To Break Right Now
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1.  No white after Labor Day.


One of the oldest (and silliest) rules in the book. No one knows exactly
where this outdated concept came from, but we have all heard it, and we all
should be breaking it in 3…2…1…! Naturally, your white Jeans should be
reserved for summer days at the beach, but ivory turtleneck sweaters, crisp
white jeans, and oversized winter-white coats are a sure-fire way to look chic
in the winter. Use your layering skills to extend the lifespan of your favorite
white flowing dress


This also includes shoes, as many “It” designers (such as Céline and Mulberry)
consistently showcase white flats, loafers, and boots in winter-white leather
and suede.


2.  No mixing prints.


Mixing prints is my favorite way of injecting my personality into an outfit. Whether that means stripes on top and polka dots down below, or leopard-print on my shoes and paisley on a bag, I love mixing prints. The good news is
that I am certainly not alone in the pursuit of fresh ways to combine seeminglyclashing patterns, as this fashion rule was broken all over the runways and instreet style photos. 


If you are unsure how to start mixing prints, think of leopard-print as a neutral and pair it with everything!


3.  No socks and open-toed shoes.

It was only recently that this rule has become officially one to break, and even
then it seems like the general population hasn’t necessarily caught on.
Magazine spreads and store windows often have outfits that include funky socks
or tights with open-toed shoes. And it is a great rule to break, because it
means you can wear your favorite open-toed party shoes all through the winter. 

The contrast that results from pairing open-toed sandals with tights or socks
really adds something extra to a look and is guaranteed to garner you some more “style-icon” points. 

4.  No sequins during the day.

Whoever invented this rule, apparently didn’t realize that sequins are acceptable at all hours of the day. In fact, not only are they acceptable, but they tend to make everything in the world seem a little better. Leave the short sparkly mini-dress for date nights, but embrace a little sparkle embellishment. White tee on vintage sequin skirt for daytime
or sequin top with a plain pair of denim jeans.
By choosing just one statement sequin piece, you can bring a little glitz to your morning coffee without going completely overboard.


5.  No menswear for the ladies. 

One of the best things about fashion is that it gives you the ability to tap into different parts of your personality and allows you to create a narrative for who you are. 
“Menswear” pieces have become a significant trend for women over the past few years, as ladies are using these pieces to create a new narrative for themselves. Whether you want to wear an oversized boyfriend shirt, slim-cut button-downs, sweat-shirts, sweaters, and utility jackets from the men’s section, or menswear-inspired pieces for women (think blazers or two-piece suits), there is no longer a need to shy away from stereotypical
gender looks.

6.  No navy and black.

This seems to be another rule passed down through the generations, but go and browse
through some images of celebrities and models wearing navy and black together, and you will instantly be reconsidering it is as “wrong.” The issue is that they can often look like one another, so you need to combine them in ways that demonstrate that this was a chosen combination and not an “I-got-dressed-in-the-dark” mistake. 
Actually, in addition to “no navy and black,” let us also agree to break the rules of “no
pink and red,” “no silver and gold jewelry,” “no faux-fur and leather,” “no
dresses over pants,” “no denim on denim,” “no short skirts after 40” — you get
the picture. 


Fashion is supposed to be fun — a relief from the real world and an
expression of who you truly are inside. You don’t need to adopt that inner
voice for the sake of some outdated fashion rules! Wear what you want, when you
want, with who you want, and be damn
while you do it!



Ethiopian-born and Dubai-based fashion designer
Feiruza Mudessir discovered her curiosity to mix the traditional with
contemporary at a young age, and this has become the trademark of her designs
today. When you slip into one of Feiruza’s creations, you can almost hear the
rhythms of Africa, the beats of India and the vibrancy of Dubai – this distinctive
and colourful mélange is just what Finchitua is about.



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