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Your fifties are the best time of your life. You have enough
experience to know how to take the best of what life has to offer and you
probably know exactly what you want in your life. You might also have a
significant other whom you’ve been in love with for decades. And if you got
married a long time ago, you might want to relive all of those emotions and
rekindle the flame by telling your soulmate how you (still) feel about them.
And what better way to do that than by renewing your vows?
Renew Your Vows in Your 50s

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What will you gain?

Over time, passion can sometimes take the back seat while we
are dealing with the everyday stresses and problems. It doesn’t mean that it
died, but the routine of life sometimes simply does not leave room for
expressions of love. Renewing
your vows
can be the way to shake off that monotony and let the most
important person in your life know how much they still mean to you. It is also
an opportunity not only to hear how your partner feels, but also for you to dig
deep down and reevaluate your feelings. Are they the same as they were years
ago? Or have they changed, evolved and grew? Thinking actively about this can
lead to finding a new appreciation and deeper love towards the other person.

How to phrase it

It’s always best to express your feelings in your own words,
directly from the heart, and there might be some things that you want to
consider or mention. First, you can start by making a comparison to something
from the past. For example, there might have been something your partner did that
used to annoy you, but over time it grew on you and now you couldn’t imagine
your days without it. Then you can mention some of the adventures you had over
the past years: your partner might have no clue that those exact memories mean
so much to you! Talking about them and reliving them through your speech or
your vows will be a great touch. And last, but definitely not least, you should
say a few words about the future. They should include your hopes for the future
and all the adventures you want to have from this day on.

Planning the event

There are a lot of things you should consider when planning
your vow renewal ceremony – it’s like a small wedding! The first thing on your list
should be the venue. Many people consider moving into over 50s villages, where they can enjoy quality time with their peers and engage in
numerous activities that can keep them active and satisfied. Therefore, why not
make it the venue of your vow renewal ceremony, which can also be the perfect
way to let your friends and family know that you are moving there? You can also
invite new neighbors over as a way to get to know them better. Other things to
consider are the guest list, the catering and the décor. Making a timeline of
photos that document your life together up to this point and letting your
guests write notes and messages around them is a popular decor option.

Some say that renewing your vows is the ultimate expression
of love, but as long as you both love each other and show that love every day
through your words and actions, that is all you really need. But making a small
– or large – gathering and sharing your love with others is a great reason to
get your family and friends together and have a nice celebration.

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