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We spend a lot of money in purchasing high end brands for our clothes and accessories. Be
it our jacket, top, bottom wear or our shoes and other fashion accessories we
all fall for good brands such as Hermes, Ferragamo, Armani, Bottega Venetta or
Jimmy choo but do we really think about taking care of these branded items once
purchased? Not really. Moreover, if we do so then do we really have some reliable
and trustworthy services that can clean, repair, restore our branded shoes,
bags and other fashion accessories? If your answer is “No” Then think twice. Yes,
we do have a great option then can help us in such services and I am talking
about Pressto ZAPATO.


Many of you must have heard about Pressto ZAPATO and for those who are new-bees to their
name, let me introduce Pressto ZAPATO 🙂 



Well Pressto ZAPATO is India’s first exclusive bags, shoes and accessories maintenance
store launched in Prabhadevi in Mumbai in 2015. Its takes care of all your
luxury and premium brand items such as repairing, restoring, cleaning of all
your fashion accessories including difficult to maintain leather stuff such as leather
wallet, leather jackets and belts etc. They have professional team of trained
staff and experts from UK and Netherlands. In short they are expert in this
field with an experience of 4 years in India. They have exclusive stores at
Nepean sea Road & Prabhadevi in Mumbai. They are also planning for launching
an online portal soon.



Isn’t it exiting to find that there is some expert service provider like Pressto ZAPATO
who is there to take care of all your luxury and premium items? I feel really
thrilled and excited that I can’t wait to get their expert services to restore
my luxury brand items especially those ones which are given to me by my loved


After all which other such provider is highly recommended by top fashion brands like Hermes,
Ferragamo, Bottega Venetta, Jimmy Choo and Armani? In fact, Ferragamo is one of
the corporate client who gives Pressto ZAPATO their shoes mostly for repairing.
I am pretty much impressed with the services offered by Pressto ZAPATO as can
be seen in these pictures which I have shared here in this article. What a
clean and impressive work! Really commendable.




I would highly recommend Pressto ZAPATO to all those fashion lovers who have great affinity towards
luxury and premium brands. You would love their work and as their cost is reasonable
as well so it will not put much burden
on your pocket and you will get
all your loved luxury items restored by spending only few bucks. A must try!


My Rating: 4.9 out of 5

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