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I have just received “Hair For Sure” a month and a half back and was using this to check the hair fall that I was experiencing. Well, there were certainly some things that drove me to buy this product over other similar products in the market. Firstly, this is the first such product to be approved by the World Medical Trichologist Association. Secondly, the product also claims to be clinically proven. Thirdly, my unsatisfactory experiences with other products. These three aspects encouraged me to get one for myself and try whether the tall claims that the product attaches to itself are real or not.

So I got one for myself and started using it. Initially I found no change and while closely looking at the description I found that it clearly says ‘it will take a few weeks to show visible difference’. So there I went on using the product for a month and a half.

I found the product relatively satisfactory as compared to its competitors that I had been using in the past. The hair look a little denser as compared to when I started using the product. Though there hasn’t been a drastic difference which probably is due me using it only since a month or so. There are signs of improvement in my hair density and texture as the usage progresses. Also, I would like to share some of the pros and cons of the product.

PROS of “Hair For Sure”: ·        

  • I loved the fragrance of the product. ·        
  • It is easy to apply with the nozzle. ·        
  • Not much in price (especially when you compare it with those expensive hair treatments). ·        
  • Difference can be seen in a matter of 1 month which clearly shows that this product will give better results in the future as I continue its usage.

CONS of “Hair For Sure”: ·        

  • Hair gets a little sticky after applying it which is something that needs improvement. ·       
  •   Well, the product description suggests using it 2 to 3 times a day which gets a little difficult to manage.


Overall, given the time I have used this product I have been satisficed (satisfied + this product suffices as no other product’s need was felt) with the product. As this time is not much to show drastic results, but still the product has lent me some visible changes, I would give this one a thumbs up. Also I am hopeful that after having used this product for some subsequent months I will be able to see a major change in density of my hair. After using it I am more or less satisfied with the results and would approve of the claims it makes in general. If the stickiness of the product can be improved, it is eligible for a 5 start rating from my side but as of now I would rate the product 4 on 5.

My Rating For “Hair For Sure”:4 on 5.Will I Recommend “Hair For Sure” To All Of You?

My suggestion would be, buy the product and use it to see the difference it makes to your hair. It has suited me and in all probability will suit you too!

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