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Hi all!
Hope you all are doing great. I just had my breakfast and now I am sharing a fashion blog post which I saved yesterday but could not share so I will be sharing this Paris fashion week update with all of you this time. Actually for me it’s a great fun to share latest fashion updates with all fashion lovers like you and it gives me immense pleasure as well.  


Seeing new designs, fashion trends and lovely prints never fail to impress me. I simply love them.  Also I am in a very good mood as I expected today to be a bright sunny day but today it’s very cloudy outside and it’s going to rain  🙂 Yaayyy…Now I have a cup of Coffee in my hand and I am sipping it slowly so that it may not born my mouth or tongue (this has happened many a times before so I am very cautious now)  

Isn’t the combination of rain, coffee and a fashion collection truly amazing? It is best indeed and for a fashion sucker like me, it’s like a blessing and this time and day seems to be just a perfect one 🙂 are you jealous? Hannn?? Hehe…don’t worry guys, go and grab your cup of coffee or tea, whatever you like and stay right in from of you computer and simply read on to see this wonderful fashion collection by Anthony Vaccarello. So without wasting much of time let me come to the fashion blog post and topic for which I am here today.  

Well! Now I am going to share ANTHONY VACCARELLO Spring Summer Collection 2015- PARIS FASHION WEEK where a great collection was showcased by the designer Anthony Vaccarello. Different patterns, cut works, skirts and top impressed me a lot so could not resist to share the wonderful collection with all of you. Have a look at this collection and I am sure that you will love it.

As far as I am concerned I simply love this collection and wish I would have been there when the collection was showcased but nevertheless I am sitting here in Delhi, India and enjoying sharing this fashion update form Paris Fashion Week which is indeed a wonderful thing about being a fashion blogger. I just hope that I would be at Paris Fashion Week some day or the other, I don’t know how I will reach there but without a doubt if I would be invited to be a part of such a huge fashion event then it would never ever miss such chance which is like a lifetime opportunity. And that day for red carpet I may opt for a dress by Anthony Vaccarello whose latest collection has impressed me to the core and I would love to meet the designer as well. I believe it’s not that much  impossible dream when I see some of my fellow bloggers going to Paris Fashion Week and doing full on masti and enjoying themselves.

Now leaving this topic behind I would love to know your opinion on this collection which was recently showcased at the Paris Fashion Week.
So friends! Which dress is your favourite?

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