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Bipasha Basu In Pia Pauro
How many of you like Bipasha Basu? I know many of us will raise our hands if such a question is asked and reasons are many like her fashion taste, her confidence and she is one such model turned actress who has proved that yessss models can act and can pull crowd at the box office on their own.

What I like about Bipasha is that her best fashion friend is her confidence. Really! I love the way she carries herself and she is an inspiration for most of us. Isn’t she?
Now coming back to this Indian Fashion Blog post, I am here to share one of her very recent look which she opted at an event in the heart of nation i.e. Delhi.  Wearing Pia Pauro, she attended the event.
She opted for a curly hair style along with orange lips and similar color peep-toes.
According to me, she looked fine. Not so good and not so bad..
What do you think?? Will you go with my opinion?

Bipasha Basu In Pia Pauro

Bipasha Basu In Pia Pauro
Image Credit: Boldsky

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