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Sonam Kapoor In Casual Look
Hi all! How are you guys? I am at home right now and feeling so much sleepy may be that is because I slept late in the night. I have saved so many Bollywood looks and celeb appearances yesterday and now I am feeling so tired to share them with all of you at this time. With eyes full of sleep and empty stomach I have asked mom to make something good to eat but she want me to eat corn-flakes which I hardly like. huhhhh..

Sonam Kapoor In Casual Look At Khoobsurat Screening

Yah! I know that corn-flakes are good for health but somehow I don’t like their taste. In fact I find them tasteless. I have so much of work which is to be completed today only. Need to go to post office to send my income tax return which is lying on my bed side table for nearly 40-50 days(I know I am a bit lethargic when some work comes that is related to banking and post office etc) 

Anyway leaving all this stuff behind, In need to look after this blog as well! Make updates of celebrity fashion and recent spottings. Blogging is fun for me but it is really important for you to know when to blog when you have jumped into this beauty and fashion related blogging. I feel it’s really challenging(I would not say difficult) to make your name when there are so many wonderful Indian fashion and beauty blogs on the internet who share beauty and fashion related articles every half an hour or so. But you need to stay confident, keep working hard instead of your family thinking that you are becoming a nerd. In fact how can we expect something in return from some profession when we have not put the necessary time and money into it? There is no free lunch guys. Is there any?
Now coming to this Indian Beauty and fashion blog post let me start by sharing a recent look of Sonam Kapoor.
Well! Few days back Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor was seen wearing a messy denim look at the screening of her movie Khoobsurat. How many times have we seen Sonam Kapoor in a pair of jeans? It’s indeed a rare sight.
Here in this look we saw Sonam wearing a Missoni Resort 2014 knit jacket or say cardigan along with a crop-top and Hermes Kelly bag. I liked her Chloe flats but the whole look wasn’t my cup of tea. It indeed failed to impress me much. However, I like her cat eye glasses as I feel that they looked good on her and went well with the whole look. 
Sonam Kapoor In Casual Look At Khoobsurat Screening

So friends do you like her in this dress? Was this apt for the occasion and did she managed to look good? these are the questions that are still bothering my mind, with some people admiring her appearance, I somehow not liking the whole look. She isn’t looking the way she opts to look at other public appearances. Isn’t it? Correct me if I am wrong. 🙁 Kindly drop in you comments, I would love reading them. 🙂
Have a great day…

Xoxo.. 🙂 
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