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Fall is slowly approaching and you are probably wondering what activewear pieces are the ones we should be considering. We are wondering if you are as excited as we are for the leave to change color and the weather to start cooling off a little bit. This is the best time to work out outside without having to overheat. 

No matter the season, yoga sets should always be breathable and moisture-wicking, but not only that, they should always be versatile, as we know that we are not going to use them at the gym, but also, and usually women tend to wear them to run errands as they are very comfortable.

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What brands are the best?

There are plenty of amazing brands around, but one of our favorites is Cosmolle. While this might vary from person to person due to personal preference, the ones from Cosmolle have won our hearts with their amazingly comfortable, and sustainable pieces.

You can choose your favorite pieces from them, as they are very versatile like their long sleeve legging set, and made with high-quality materials that are also sustainable like recycled nylon. The activewear market has a wide range of options for you to choose from but we promise you, you won’t regret getting your activewear from Cosmolle. 

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We will also share what pieces of activewear we believe are the best for you to consider for fall and they are the following: 


Hoodies will be your best friend for the chilly mornings or even afternoons, depending on what time you decide to work out. They are also a great option to layer during the days that aren’t that chilly, as any sudden weather change without them will leave you unprepared and you’ll probably even end with a cold. 


While a lot of women just love working out with their sports bras, some others, for so many reasons, love wearing t-shirts over their sports bras. They will keep you a little bit warmer, especially during fall, which will also wick away any sweat while keeping you warm and dry too.  Make sure they are comfortable and allow you to move as freely as your workout needs. 

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Sports bras

Sports bras come in many different styles and are the top piece of a workout outfit.  They should be able to support your breast during your workout without making you feel naked. If so, please, find new ones. Make sure you get them in the right size and of high quality as they will last a lot and you won’t need to get new ones very often. 


Shorts tend to be the best option to work out in if it’s much warmer and if you don’t have any kind of insecurity that will prevent you from showing off your legs. They allow you to move a bit more freely than leggings. But during fall, they will be a great option if you feel like they are more your style. 

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Leggings are the best option for those who want to work out during fall and feel more comfortable and cozier. They will for sure prevent chafing and depending on their style, they will make sure your figure looks amazing too, like, for example, some high-waisted leggings do. 

Hope this little list will help you find the right pieces so you can upgrade or improve your fall activewear wardrobe. And don’t forget that you can also wear these pieces, especially the ones from Cosmolle, outside the gym and integrate them into your daily looks and still look amazing and stylish. 

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