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One of the most valuable jobs to first have as a fashion designer is in visual merchandising. A visual merchandiser is responsible for designing the storefront windows and displays of a boutique or retailer. It also takes someone with people skills to deal with the higher-level management who creates the clothing. 

This job allows you to directly market to the consumer and explore your design creativity with a great degree of independence. For getting a job a good resume is essential. If you feel like your resume could do with a fresh pair of eyes to go over it and see what could be improved, you may wish to check out https://www.arcresumes.com/ for quality resume services.

By taking some visual merchandising classes you can gain an immense amount of knowledge and experience in a short amount of time. It’s better to choose a course at an acclaimed fashion school such as Istituto Marangoni that offers visual merchandizing courses for those willing to learn more about display techniques, consumer behavior and much more. 

The retailer will give strict guidelines or room to be creative and this flexibility is a must for every visual merchandiser. You have to learn to work both ways because ultimately you are displaying designs created by other people. The style is what you have to create and the responsibility is yours to draw customers in. 

As you can see these are invaluable skills for someone starting their career in the fashion world. It also will help you learn business skills. For example, you will have to analyze the sales of the company to see what is popular and what is not.

Then it is your responsibility to display and alter these trends.  The term “window shopping” did not come from a lack of interest in what customers see at first glance. This type of work is an unbelievable opportunity to grow and learn in a fast paced environment and to gain some feedback on own styles. Whether you want to go into design or the business sector of fashion, visual merchandising is a great place to begin. If your responsibility is to draw customers into a store and you succeed, there is huge potential for someone to grow with a company and establish their own styles in a market. 

Whether the job is in a large retailer where you work on a team or in a small boutique where you have complete yet daunting autonomy, visual merchandising is an exciting field to pursue.

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