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Botox is a kind of cosmetic treatment that is specialized for the treatment of wrinkles and other conditions that affect the muscles. The treatment is usually focused on the face area and works by causing the muscles on the face to relax.  The procedure makes the patient to appear youthful as it eliminates wrinkles on the face. It is mostly preferred by the aging members of the society who wish to look young.

Before you consider this treatment procedure, you need to know these 10 things about it:


Botox as remedy for wrinkles on the face

Botox treatment is usually administered in the form of injections on the face to eliminate wrinkles and make the patient appear younger. The procedure is commonly used by celebrities who wish to appear youthful.

Used as a treatment to remedy a number of facial conditions

The procedure is used to remedy various other facial issues which may include; jaw pain, sweating in excess, or overactive neck muscles. 

You can expect quick results

Unlike other procedures that usually take long for results to be achieved, Botox treatment offers remarkably faster results. After the procedure, you can expect to see its positive results within seven days.

There’s minimal health risks associated with it

Botox is quite a simple and generally safe procedure that comes with minimal risks compared to other procedures i.e. plastic surgery.

You don’t need to be hospitalized to get it

It is quite a simple procedure that is done by professionals in the shortest time. Other intensive procedures like plastic surgery may require you be hospitalized for several days.

Procedure is approved by reputable health bodies

Due to the relative safe nature of the procedure owing to the fact that there is a very minimal risk associated with, it is approved in various nations. In the USA for instance, the FDA has approved it as a cosmetic procedure.

Doesn’t leave any marks or swellings on the skin

Because the procedure only involves an injection of the face and no major surgery, it leaves no chance for any serious swelling or marks. You also get to heal quite fast and get back to your usual work.

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Chance of allergic reactions

Some people may experience allergic reactions to the drug used in Botox procedure which can be severe. It is thus important to consult with your physician about possible allergic reactions in advance. 

Can be quite expensive

The Botox procedure is usually expensive and may cost in upwards of $250 or even more depending on the institution where you opt to have it done. Considering this fact, it is usually not readily available for many people on a budget. 

Side effects

The Botox procedure has side effects which may be bruising however, some people also do complain of feelings of headaches. Fortunately, the headache that comes after the procedure usually goes away after some short period of time.

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