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The problem of acne is one that greatly affects quite a significant number of people throughout the globe. In order to deal with this problem that causes unsightly appearance on your face, you need to understand where it comes from. So how does acne appear on your skin?

Pimples popping out of your face are usually as a result of oil and dead skin cells that combine thus blocking skin pores. There are some instances when acne can be caused by infection such as in the case of fungal acne.

Find out from the 15 most effective acne treatments according to dermatologists:

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid contains alpha hydroxyl acid which exfoliates the skin gently thus riding dead skin cells that clog the pores. Several cosmetic products prepared for treating various skin conditions contain it.

Salicylic acid

It comes as a great anti-inflammatory for eradication of inflamed cystic breakouts and is particularly best to clear cystic acne. This can be used simple as a face wash but better results can be achieve when used either as a toner or moisturizer.

Benzoyl peroxide

This is an antibacterial agent very effective when it comes to eliminating the acnes and the bacteria that usually causes breakouts. It is most commonly used in advanced dermatology procedures where acute acne is involved.

Lactic acid

This is similar with glycolic acid in the sense that it is an alpha hydroxyl acid working like a chemical exfoliant on the skin. Lactic acid is however milder than glycolic acid and thus a good option for you if you want to apply exfoliating acid but have sensitive skin.

Dapsone gel

A dermatologist specialist may prescribe for you the Dapsone gel for the treatment of your acne. There are various brands of this product so you will get one that is available in your local pharmacy store.

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Cortisone shot

When your acne is serious and need emergency treatment then the cortisone shot would be the choice for your dermatologist. It is a corticosteroid that is most administered by certified and licensed dermatologists.

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Birth control pills

This is acne occasioned by hormonal imbalances during period in women. In such cases, birth control pills may be your go to remedy for dealing with hormonal acne. With the help of an expert dermatologist, birth control pills will is used to strike a balance on the hormones keeping the skin clear.


Sulfur comes in handy when you need to dry stubborn and up pus-filled pimples or whiteheads. It does this by sucking up the oil leaving the skin pores clear.


This is a synthetic retinoid formerly available only through prescription but is now available over-the-counter. It remains a good acne medication you can access even without having a prescription from a dermatologist.


It is a compound that is a naturally occurring retinoid converted by the human body into retinoic acid. It is just as effective as retinol but best for people with sensitive skin.


This substance is most commonly used in anti-aging creams and lotions but is also great at clearing acne.


It is also known by its brand name as Tazorac is a great prescription retinoid. It is known to cause side-effects to people with skin sensitivity thus seek advice from your dermatologist before using it.


A strong retinoid often mixed with other substances and prescribed by dermatologists to deal with severe and acute acne.


There are times when birth control pills alone may not be sufficient to alleviate hormonal acne. This is when your doctor will recommend and prescribe this drug.


There are times when your dermatologist may prescribe oral antibiotics to help you deal with acne. Problem with treating acne using antibiotics is that the chance of relapse is highly probable. 

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