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Picking the right manicure for your nails doesn’t just end at settling on a nail polish color or nail shape. It also involves what occasion you are choosing it for, your lifestyle and also your budget. There are varied types of nails and ways that they can be customized to match a specific style and budget.

Of course there are so many options available for you to choose from including dye nails or even the pink ombre nails. It all boils down to your specific taste, style or choice. 

In this guide, we take you through some 8 types of manicures which you ought to try out:

Regular lacquer

You can choose the regular lacquer as your go to manicure choice. This is quite easy to put on because you will just use regular nail polish at home. Alternatively you may go for something that is more professionally done at a manicure nearby.

You can expect your cuticles to be cleaned then filling and shaping your nails will follow. A base coat will then be applied on the nail then some two three layers of nail polish. A top coat will then be applied to finish of the exercise.

manicure types

Apply soft gel

If you want the kind of manicure on your nails that lasts long but is application is also quite fast, then apply soft gel. Find yourself the best nail salon nearby and get a professional manicurist apply for you soft gels on your nails for long lasting nail treats.

Full coverage soft gel tips

Soft gel tips are those gel tips that are glued on to your natural nail but will look almost exactly like they are natural. They are best for you because they allow more flexibility in terms of exhibition of the latest nail art.

Hard gel

Unlike the soft gel, hard gel is usually thicker and may come in clear or some dull or pink color that look like the color of your nail.


Acrylic comes as a liquid and powder combination that is blended together and applied on the nail. It hardens once it has been applied on the nail to give a nice color depending on your taste and choice of color.

Dip powder nails

It is a type of acrylic that you finger is dipped on or it could either be sprinkled on your nails. This manicure method is ideal for you if you have shorter nails and want something that will offer you a long lasting nail care solution. If you are the kind that uses the hand a lot owing to your profession then dip powder should be your go to manicure choice.

types of manicure

Sculpted nails

It is a kind of gel extension that is created out of your natural nails by way of a sculpting form. It is flexible even though when worn it may feel like hard gel but still function like real nail.

French manicure

The French manicure are as classic as the name goes but still can be twisted to look trendy and go with the flow.

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