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hair Straightening

These days Malaysian virgin hair have become extremely popular among all. These Malaysian virgin hair are the favorite choices of most celebs. As these are lustrous, look natural and provide an ease of maintenance and styling. These blend easily with the natural hair also and can be worn as protective styles. Despite the annual cleansing festivals in Malaysia that are the origin of these weaves, these are still somewhat rare. Reason being these ceremonies don’t happen in Malaysia as regularly as these do in other natural hair producing countries.
When we talk about Malaysian weaves, these occur in different styles and lengths, but are mostly brown, and can be dyed in different colors. also the straightening of curly Malaysian weaves is quite possible and considerably easy but are time consuming. Straightening is generally done to get a change of looks, or before storage of the weaves. It should be kept in mind that straightening should only be done with assurance that the weaves are 100% human hair as this process has a tendency to destroy synthetic attachments. The straightening method which can be used is dependent on hair texture.
Also this method is heat free and generally does a little damage to hair so long as you remember to avoid wetting the weave tracks since continuously doing that could make the weaves break away.
first step: do untangle your hair from the tips up to the root. You can untangle with fingers and make sure to run them continuously through the hairs to ensure they are tangle free.
Second step : do wash the hair with some good shampoo and a good conditioner, then do dry out excess water using a towel.
Third step : comb your entire hair out and let it sit till almost dry.
Fourth step : apply the moisturiser and wrap your weave around your head. You can use bobby pins to keep it in place.
Fifth step: tie a scarf around your head  area and you can then sleep with it on.


Another Quicker method that can be used is heat – You can use straightening combs and flat irons. But make sure that all the right measures must be taken to choose high and good quality combs with right heat adjustments.
First step– You need to make sure that your weaves are clean. This definitley creates better results.
Second step – You need to brush your weaves by removing all the kinks and snags. You can try finger combing first.
Third step – Apply heat protective agents.
Fourth step – Partition your hair. Work with the flattening iron from the roots down. You need to repeat this process till you’ve got your desired result.
Fifth step – do apply leave in conditioner and  then oil for that extra gleam.


You need to provide proper care to your virgin hair bundles. The hair is kind of natural, so it should be treated as such. Do always remember to use some good conditioning treatments. You need to make sure to moisturise regularly, be it with or without the application of heat.
You need to perform a co-wash once a week. Recommendation is that you opt for some air-drying after washing the hair and putting it through conditioning process.
When the weave is has dried out, you should use a conditioner to make the weave smoother. 



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