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Fashion jewelry for men has been very limited in the past and all men could adorn in terms of jewels, just included some simple rings or bangles. However, today things have changed and now there’s so much jewelry out there for men who love to look chick and fabulous. Today there are several fashion jewelry shops offering top quality men’s jewelry to choose from. Helloice is one such leading and top fashion jewelry brand that offers tons of quality men’s jewelry items.

Find out more about the most popular varieties of jewelry for men including 2022’s top trends to try out:

Men’s necklaces

The men’s necklaces come in a wide range depending on the taste and choice of the user. It is interesting to note that men have been adorning the chain necklaces for many years. Several jewelry brands have come up with unique men’s necklace fashion styles.  There is quite a varied offering for men to choose from when it comes to necklaces that are fashionable. In this category are also the mens chain which can be worn on the neck to highlight a specific fashion trend. Quite a significant number of male sports personalities as well as celebrities have made it a fad to wear necklaces. Other popular necklaces for men include; the animal motifs, crosses, pendant chain or the bearded necklaces.

mens chain

Men’s rings

Many centuries ago, the powerful and wealthy men wore rings to show their wealth, power and privilege status. Back then, it was common to find rings were worn by the socially high in society. These included high ranking officials and those in the royal families including kings and the male princesses. The modern man also wears rings which may bear a personal meaning. It all boils down to a person’s taste and intention. The modern man’s rings could symbolize a variety of things which may include; club affiliation or even marital status. Men can wear rings on any finger however the wedding ring is usually worn on fingers of the left finger.

Men’s bracelets

Wearing of bangles has traditionally been a preserve for the girls and women but today men also adorn them. For the men, the thicker cuff-style bracelet has been popular amongst them. However, this is now changing as they are now embracing thinner rings that can be customized to highlight varied fashion tastes. In fact, thinner bracelets for the men go perfectly well with Helloice apparel brand. You can visit the brand’s official website to shop for the various men’s bracelet styles being sold there.

Leather jewelry

Leather jewelry comes in two major variants which may include exclusively leather or leather with metallic parts. Stylish leather bracelets, earrings for men or necklaces have become top fashionable jewelry for men in the year 2022. You can add some fabulous jewelry made of leather and accentuated with chick metallic parts to your fashion wardrobe this year. Why not visit any jewelry store today to sample the best leather jewelry to buy for yourself.

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