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First of all, congratulations to you, mom! You’ve delivered that beautiful baby into this world and that is really quite impressive.

Now that you’ve gone through nine months (more or less) of the most wonderful roller-coaster ride of pregnancy, you are now faced with the very real responsibility of raising your child.
Mother and Child
During this fulfilling and challenging time, every little detail counts, even (and especially) the clothes you wear. Choosing to wear flattering, stretchy, fun and multi-functional postpartum clothes can have a significant impact on your experience as a new mother. 
The Realities of Life After Birth
While there are picture-perfect visions of new moms all smiley and pretty holding their bundle of joy in their arms, the reality is, it is not always that way for everyone.
Unfortunately, there are women who experience postpartum depression after giving birth. Because of this, they will lose interest and motivation in doing the things they used to enjoy doing before. These include getting some R&R and shopping.

Guide to Choosing Comfy & Fabulous Nursing Wear
Look Good, Feel Good
Some ways to get rid of the rut is to adopt healthy eating habits, get good exercise, and indulge in a little self-care.
However, doctors and dietitians strongly advise against fad and crash diets as this has an adverse effect on your postpartum body. Instead, it is best to subscribe to a healthy diet especially when you choose to breastfeed.
In addition, choose an exercise regimen that you feel most comfortable with without forcing yourself to go too fast. It takes time for the body to heal so pace yourself and engage in a fitness routine that is friendly to your post-baby physique.
Aside from taking care of your body, you also need to take care of your mental and emotional well-being. You can do this by taking time for yourself to do things that you enjoy. Whether with friends, family, your partner or by yourself, try to go and have some quality time. This means going for a walk, reading a book, and shopping for new clothes.
Shopping for Post-Maternity Clothes
Your body may start to lose the excess pounds the first few weeks after delivering your baby. Up until the sixth week, which is typically the time when your uterus returns to the pelvis, your belly will look flatter and smaller.

To address your changing body, you will need to get yourself postpartum clothes, as your pre-baby outfits will probably still not fit. In addition, maternity clothes will likely wrap you up like a sack.
Postpartum clothes and nursing wear are designed to give you a more proper fit. Designed with a little more structure, they are not as slack as your preggy clothes. Most importantly, they feature nifty little details that make it easier for you to move around while caring and feeding your baby when you’re breastfeeding.
Here are some simple tips to bear in mind when looking for nursing clothes that you would actually feel excited to wear:
When choosing nursing tops and dresses
·        They should be made of stretchy fabric in the right places. The fabric should be able to adapt to the changing phases of your body.
·.     Choose prints or lively colors especially if you want to cover spit ups.
·.        They should be easy and convenient to use for breastfeeding.
·.         It should work well with your nursing bra. Some tops can also already function as a nursing bra and have enough support and multi-functionality.
·.        If you want to, opt for a style that covers your post-pregnancy belly.
·.       Go for fun designs that speak of your personality or you can also stick to the basics for easier mixing-and-matching.
When choosing nursing bras and slips
Moms on the go need undergarments that are designed especially to give the support and convenience they need. Nursing bras are also helpful in relieving pain when breastfeeding.
When looking for a nursing bra and slips, prioritize both form and function. Pretty knickers will give you that mood lift while providing lift and ease for your twin mammary glands. Opt for slips that can easily transform from a
pre-maternity dress into a post-delivery one.
You should also consider the following:
·.       Cups should easily be opened and closed with one hand. When feeding in public, opt for a bra with clasps that you can open with one hand without looking at them.
·         Even when the cups are open, nursing bras should still be able to support the breast.
·.        Avoid breastfeeding bras that completely open in the front. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to cover up again after feeding.
·         Get the right fit. Narrow or ill-fitting bras can lead to blockage of the milk ducts. Bra straps and wires that compress areas of the breasts also block milk flow.
·          In the first weeks after childbirth, avoid bra bones. Aside from being uncomfortable to wear during pregnancy, bra bones can also prevent the flow of milk along the ducts.
·.       Cups should be made of breathable material, such as bamboo fabric. Bamboo is naturally breathable and allows moisture to evaporate quickly into the air so you won’t stay wet when milk leaks.
Having the right post-maternity inner and outerwear is a good start to feeling better after giving birth. In addition, they can help you have an easier and more comfortable time nursing your baby wherever you are.

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