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There is no denying that wedding is one of the most memorable and precious time in the life is any couple. The memories of the wedding is also price less and it is once in a lifetime event. Thus everything about the wedding should be very memorable and precious. 

What more could be more important than a bridal set rings, wedding dress etc. when it comes to a wedding. Thus, today we are going to share some of the most sort after and best types of jewellery items from Jeulia which you can opt for during your wedding. Let’s see the best types of jewellery items you can opt for. Here we go:

Jewellery Set:

Jewellery set

Weddings are totally incomplete without a jewellery set. The choice of the jewellery set depends upon the kind or place of wedding. The jewellery is also influenced by the religion and tastes of the couple. For instance if the couples are Christian then the jewellery and attire would be white and combination of silver in general. If the wedding couple is Hindu then the wedding attire would be somewhat more on a colourful side especially red, pink or green. 

Bridal set jewellery:

When we talk about wedding jewellery then bridal set jewellery comes out to be one of the most important jewellery item. Among bridal jewellery a bridal set necklace, bridal set rings are one of the most important ones. 

Bridal set rings

When it comes to bridal set rings then there are many options available such as emerald rings, moissanite rings etc. What kind of jewellery ring to choose depends upon the choice of the couple especially the bride. 


Bangles and bracelets: 

Bangles and bracelets are one of the most important and stylish jewellery items during the wedding. Any wedding is incomplete without a bangle set or a bracelet set. These look so chic and stylish on the bride. In fact most the grooms are now opting for some stylish and masculine bracelet jewellery items during their wedding.


Earrings look super stylish when it comes to wearing them as a wedding jewellery. You can opt for a long earring or a stud earring depending upon the overall wedding look of the couple.

Final lines:

The list given above is not exhaustive. But all these are a must have items in your wedding jewellery list without a doubt. There are many other items that can be added to the wedding jewellery items. The list of jewellery items depends on the choice and liking of the wedding couple. So friends! What other wedding items should be there in the above list? 

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