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Unique Ideas for a Vintage Themed Wedding

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If you are planning on a vintage theme for your wedding, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as the 40s, 50s and 60s are very popular periods to base a wedding on. The art of a good theme is preparation, and with a little creativity, you can replicate a 1920s wedding, complete with art deco jewellery and furniture. The vintage periods offer so much in terms of style and elegance, and with that in mind, here are some novel ways to theme your vintage wedding.

1. Adorn the Tables and Chairs with Dried Flower Arrangements – This really gives the setting a rustic style vintage look, with greens, lilacs and purples evident. If you search online, you can find vintage engagement rings at the online jewellers who have stunning examples of vintage diamond engagement rings, all at affordable prices.

2. Have The Groomsmen Wearing Vintage Pocket Watches – This might be a little difficult to arrange, but with online antique and vintage dealers, there is a wide range of period pocket and fob watches to really set the scene. If you ask the guests to wear what they have that is vintage looking, this will go a long way to setting a theme. Many of your guests will have a few vintage jewellery pieces, along with corresponding outfits.

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3. Lace, Lace and More Lace – Intricate lace never goes out of fashion, and most vintage weddings would incorporate lace into the bridal gown and, of course, the bridesmaids and page boys. Lace tablecloths and placemats complete the flowery lace look, and you might find a few other novel ways to add some lace to the occasion. There are lots of unique vintage wedding images to browse, which should give you some inspiration.

4. Vintage Images – Why not hire a top-rated videographer and have all your images processed in black and white? This will add another dimension to your wedding stills, and some people might think the wedding happened half a century ago, with the ageing look of the photographs.

5. Set a Vintage Dress Code for your Guests – This will ensure that everyone is suitably attired, and you could also stipulate a particular period, like the 1920s or the jazzy 60s, which is always popular, especially with older generations. The women can sport glamorous hairdos, while the men can wear a traditional 3-piece suite, and loud costume jewellery is a must.

6. Classic Vintage Transportation – The bride could turn up in a white Mini Traveller, a VW campervan, or even a classic Daimler, complete with white wedding ribbons. There are online companies where you might be able to hire a vintage car, and if any of your guests have a vintage car restoration project, perhaps they could loan if for the day.

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There are so many ways that you can theme your wedding to a specific era, and with the bride and groom both wearing vintage wedding rings that can be acquired from an online antique dealer, the scene will be set for a wedding to be remembered for all the right reasons.

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