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Runway model hair doesn’t just happen. While straight hair is definitely easier to maintain than frizzy curls, it will take a little work to keep it absolutely sleek. After you straighten your hair, use these pro tips to keep your strands in top condition so that your look always attracts attention.
Beautiful Straight Hair Tips To look Gorgeous


Deep Condition Once a Week

Every hair straightening method dries out your strands. However, avoiding
chemicals and using straighteners with the lowest heat settings reduces the
amount of stress you apply to your hair. Regardless of your preferred
straightening method, make sure to apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair at least once a week. Between the treatments, use a regular conditioner on the tips of your strands every time you wash to prevent split ends.

Touch Up With a Straightening Brush

Unfortunately, there are tons of things that can put a crimp in your sleek ‘do. Ponytail holders, bad weather and even a sweaty workout can all add up to waves and frizz that have no place on a straight hairstyle. While you can’t control everything that can happen to your hair, it is easy to do a quick touch-up. Just tuck a
straightening brush into your bag, and smooth out those creases at the gym, school and even at work. It takes only seconds to always look like you just stepped out of the salon.

Use an Anti-Frizz Serum

Girls living in a humid climate know all-too-well the damage that humidity can do to both curls and straight hair. Avoid having those little hairs stick out that destroy all of the hard work you put into your hairstyle by applying a small dollop of anti-frizz serum anytime you know that your hair will be exposed to high levels of humidity.

Wear Protection

Hair care products can only go so far to help you avoid having your hair turn into a mess. Experiment with cute hats that you can wear anytime you are exposed to the rain. While that plastic granny bonnet might not be super stylish, you can find more attractive options for covering your head such as a pretty scarf or slouchy beanie that will keep your hair covered as you run through the parking lot. At the very least, use an umbrella, and enjoy walking into every room looking like a lady with a smart head on her shoulders.

Sleep Like a Diva

Beauty treatments that work while you sleep are the smart-girl’s hack to always looking her best. Diva-style hair is easy to achieve by simply switching to a silk pillowcase. The smooth texture of the silk will feel like a luxury against your skin, and it doesn’t generate the same kind of friction that other fabrics do that contribute to frizziness. As a bonus, the silk also reduces wrinkles on your skin along with those weird sleep crinkles you get in your hair. Waking up still straight and sleek is the best way to start any day.
The current straight-hair trend has many people jumping on board for
low-maintenance hair that looks just as good flowing down your back as it does in a high ponytail. While all it takes is a quick swipe with a straightening brush to keep your look fresh, adding a few easy maintenance strategies to your beauty routine will ensure that sleek look lasts.
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